DealSmith Broker Reviews - Serving the NY/NJ/CT/PA Area

Hello everyone! I’m taking on this new venture as broker on the forums to help connect members with dealers that I have personally dealt with in that, that I know provide great deals with no hassle.

Region(s) serviced: NY, NJ, CT, PA, with possible deliveries further than that with some brands.

Vehicle brands sold: BMW, Dodge, Jeep, RAM

Fee amount or fee range: $0-$299

I can be reached using the PM system here. It is the best way to contact me, as I get instantly notified of new PM’s on my phone. I have been helping family and friends get the best deals for the past 3 years, and am now brining my experience to the forums.


Awesome deal! Love my new Jeep.

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Thanks so much Jeff!

Scott was great and quick with responses! Got us a good deal on Jeep Cherokee! Thanks again!

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Brought this RAM home today thanks to Scott. He explained the deal thoroughly and accurately, and then arranged everything with the sales manager at the dealership. We went into the dealership and were in and out within the hour. No haggling, no surprises, everything was as discussed. Thank you again Scott, very happy with the purchase.

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Man you seem to always be helpful. Kudos to you. We exchanged a few messages and sorry did not work out when i was trying to help someone but your willingness to even get a quote for Hyndai, which you did not broker, was appreciated. You respended promptly and always professional. Thank You.

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Honestly? What can I say.

I stumbled upon Scott the first day I came upon leasehackr in the market for a sportier Grand Cherokee. Shopping around, I was convinced I wasn’t going to get what I want for under $400, settling for a Limited at $440 a month with money down.

Enter Scott, when after a few back and forth text and, I can honestly say, the most detailed phone call of my life with someone who was trying to help me car shop, I got what I wanted and then some!

Not only did Scott find me the perfect Grand Cherokee but he got me more than I originally had hoped for, for under $400 a month!

I can not thank him enough for his diligence, his work ethic, kindness and patience; there truthfully isn’t a better person to work with when shopping for your next lease. I know I’ll be back to him personally in 3 years and every one I know in the market is getting my recommendation for him.

Do. Not. Wait. I know you’re hesitant like I was was but just DO IT. Give him a call and prepare to find yourself in a vehicle you wouldn’t think you’d find!

Meet my 2021 Grand Cherokee Laredo X with the Altitude Appearance Package and Sun and Sound Package!

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Thank you so much for the kind words Kyle. Glad I was able to get you exactly what you wanted at the right price!