Dealers not negotiating?

I’ve been looking for a luxury suv in southern Indiana. I got a few lead quotes from, Volvo,Audi,Lincoln, etc. everyone is sticking by their initial offer, even when I said I was going elsewhere because their price was too high, in effect letting me walk. All my negotiations have been via email or text after test driving the car in person. Anyone have any advice/ explanations?

Just keep walking into there is a dealer willing to negotiate.

Or just get a broker that will handle all of it for you

Either they thought your offers were too unrealistic OR that was legitimately the best they were willing to offer.

Reach out to new dealers.

I didn’t provide a numerical counter-offer, did this label me as a “waste of time”

Any advice on finding a broker in Indiana (the Leasehackr list doesn’t include my neck of the woods)

I wouldn’t be able to say since I don’t know what the exchange was - did you go right before closing?

Hard for them to counter if they you simply say their price is too high and youre going somewhere else.

I assume if you let them know you expectations you might get a few counter offers, ex- “I would need at least 10%/ $30/mo/ $3k off for a deal to happen today”

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Goto Chicago, bigger market , better pricing.

Stay calm! You are the buyer. There is nothing to lose on your side. For me, it takes to 2to 3weeks to buy car. Take some time and relax. Meanwhile go to the dealer and take a test drive and give them a good impression that you are in the market and interested in the car. Then Take a deal whatever you like. You are the big boss on the table.

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Any brokers on here that service Indiana for him?!

If he can take delivery in Chicago we can!


Their best price is not your best price, negotiations require negotiation


You need to provide them a realistic counter and ask if they will do the deal. Don’t expect them to just negotiate against themselves too much.

It is very easy. They provide you the initial offer, you counter with a realistic counter after doing research. They likely will counter with something higher and you either accept or push further but you do this with a number of dealers. It isn’t that hard unless you are being unrealistic.


To get a great deal, you have to be willing to accept a vehicle for which there are great current incentives. You’re not going to get a great deal on a hot seller. There are currently great incentives on 2019 BMW 4-series, for example. However, just because there are great incentives does not mean all dealers will play ball. I started in my home town, then worked my way outward until I found a dealer that wanted to move a 4-series. It was the 6th dealer I contacted and it was a 2.5 hours away (and it was in Chicago, BTW, that was good advice). Also look at Cincinnati and Indy. Good luck.

I’m going to have to counter that just a bit. Relatively, a great deal can be made on anything that’s sold so long as the sandbox allows for it.

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One strategy that I think works is to get another person ( maybe your spouse) to play “bad cop/ good cop”

I’d walk into dealership saying I’m looking for a car with certain color and feature for my wife.

I’d test drive and then ask for the lease numbers. Then, I’d leave saying I’ll show it to my wife.

Come back, saying wife is not happy with numbers, etc. I’d throw a really unrealistic number to them. Usually, they’d return with a better number but still not the best. Then, I’ll say okay my wife need to see the car. Wife comes with me, not liking the car…asking for better features such as NAVI, etc…

Anyway, then continue playing until I get to right numbers.

They do that to us…sales person and manager teaming and playing same game. I’d say bring another person to do the same.

Now, it may work or not. It does for me.

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Lol…try emailing when you are in the dealership…manager and sales person are double teaming on you playing bad cop/good cop.

Sales person: I’m here to help you…I’d talk to the manager and see what I can do…I did my best but he said no…

I said: I’ll talk to my wife…oh she said no…she likes a different color not on your lot…



You must be new.

Real hackers … Ugh I can’t come up with a witty thing about never going to a dealer.

Anyways. Don’t go to the dealer. Do everything over the phone and email. The last three cars I leased we had all the paperwork signed via fedex mail before I even bought a plane ticket to fly in and get the car. So the time at the dealer is literally to pick up the keys.

Sales guys like it, we like it, it saves everyone a bunch of time and hassle. I don’t think the sales guys like playing the two hour game in person either.

Without some clarity, one could reasonably assume your first offer was too unrealistic, labeling you a waste of time.