Dealers getting upset

So I am in the market for some leases that are up. I reached out to a few dealers some were cordial and said they can’t hack my price. Others got angry and just hung up one even yelled when I told them they aren’t anywhere near some dealers further away.

This is my first experience with angry dealers. Is this weird to anyone?

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Yes definitely weird. Most people have had many experiences with angry dealers by now.


Lol. But I don’t understand either beat it or don’t get mad and accept defeat.

:thinking: I wonder why they would be angry to hack a deal for you.


What are you asking for lol.

Just showed one that I got a quote from dealer about 200mi away. They got angry and were like I wasted their time when I started the engagement with I have X% off before incentives. They are like let me check with my manager. Came back, oh yes no problem we will beat it. Get to finalizing, numbers are post incentive, then they get upset…

There are bad eggs in every basket.

This thread is going to go off the rails fast.


Well this is off topic…

It’s not tough to tell a customer to scram in a polite way however it can be annoying when you get 10 of them in a row on any given day. Everyone is human.


bold assumption there buddy


It’s another :mage::crystal_ball:


Given that 95% of inquiries probably don’t lead to a sale but still require your (low paid) time to answer a millions idiotic questions that could be solved with a 30-second Google search…I’d probably get irritated once in awhile, too.

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In August my dealership closed 6.1% of TrueCar leads.

The average Honda Dealership in LA closed 3.9% of TrueCar leads.

So yes, when an internet team is excelling they are still paddling through a lot of poopoo.


“Fear of low payment.” The experts can chime in more on this :slight_smile:

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Those numbers are actually higher than I would have expected. 6.1% sounds like a great conversion rate


It is the best metric for me to track because they are low-funnel leads that most dealerships are signed up for. Other parts of the country will be at like 15% or higher however there are only a few dealerships to compete with.


I truly believe need a subsection here, not one thread, about people seriously looking to close deals and the cars and pricing they want. Dealers and brokers can then just pick up leads the want

I would like Jeep Wrangler Sport S $0 down, $250/month.


will pay 10 more than this guy :slight_smile: let the bidding begin

The whole purpose of this forum is to find a way to walk the fine line of getting an amazing deal without pissing off the dealer too much, which is something most of us have been guilty of in the past. But then again, there are plenty of dealers who make us angry as well. So quite a common dynamic, and not weird at all.