Dealer wants their car back…. Hmmm what?

I think for now Slow Mode is a good compromise. Hopefully this can get worked out to the satisfaction of everyone involved.


If he gets the car free, I want my next BMW lease to be with @DMVLease


I got corporate involved and he admitted that dealer is at fault and should have not prematurely released the car without funding. He did ensure he’s going to force BMWs hand into approving the deal as I have possession of it. I don’t know how much truth that is but going straight to corporate cuts out the middle man of dealer he said/she said. I should have a better answer tomorrow from them but I might just wash my hands if this deal as I have a feeling bmw will ask me to put down hefty down payment.

As for broker: she isn’t at fault much but still at fault for basically not trying to help. She said take it up with BMWFS, don’t involve the dealer. Which is why I brought her name into this. Her connect could get fired for this technically that I’m driving a free car at the moment under dealerships expense

For BMWFS: they cannot repo a car they don’t own, only dealer can. They never funded the deal so it will not show up on my credit. I’m sure dealer will do everything in their power to keep this deal as they don’t want title showing repossession at 72 miles. I got confirmation from BMWFS they never received any docs for this vehicle in question at all. They don’t own it, meaning no repossession cannot take place unless dealer calls a repo service on their own dime


Who exactly is “he” and what powers does “he” hold to get it forced through BMWFS?

As for the broker, there really isn’t anything they can do from their standpoint because it’s not in her control. She got you the deal but whatever you are dealing with now is between you, the dealership, and possibly BMWFS. What exactly or how exactly would you expect her to help you for this situation?

I’m not sure how the backend works for dealerships and who owns the car. I don’t know what the terms are between the dealer and BMWFS for the vehicle. However, either may push to reposses the car as it’s a lot better to have a car than not have a car over couple thousand dollars.

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GM or Finance Director

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Actually the regional sales director, who oversees all the dealerships in the area. He called me a while ago and saying we are working to get you approved with BMWFS so you can keep the car

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As others have mentioned I’m not sure if the broker is at fault here. Probably she shouldn’t have said to not involve the deader but then again as the dealer stated that BMWFS couldn’t fund the deal, and directly asking BMWFS might be the better option from her point of view.

Back in 2019, I went through Audi pull ahead program and the Audi was supposed to take care of the last 3 payments. After few months I got lease end statement and Audi didn’t cover the payments and the dealer couldn’t say why. I talked to AudiFS afterwards and they pointed out that the dealer messed up in a paperwork. I went back in to the dealer and they corrected their mistake.

I also saw that you posted this great deal and the broker was able to apply both penfed + OL code in the deal which some people said wouldn’t work.

I feel your frustration but I feel like we shouldn’t just blame someone without due diligence.


This pretty much sounds like what’s called a recon line for credit card denials. Except recon is going to be done by this sales directory internally with BMWFS.


Who the hell spends thousands on mods on a car they don’t own, and will have to pay to have removed before grounding?


I agree but when I told her what happened, she acted like “not my problem now” which is what pissed me off. She could have simply said, “let me look into it with dealer and get back to you” not “this is between you and BMWFS, don’t involve dealer”

Time for a consumer fraud attorney. Something is really wrong since these approvals and systems that process the information including records we have no access to are well regulated both by law and internal processes.

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I don’t blame her one bit. Sounded like this deal was a complete PITA, and, in this case, she did the absolute right thing by going Casper on you. Her point person, despite questionable business practices, is one of the top BMW salesmen in the country. He’s not going to lose his job over your deal, I assure you. Did the dealer mess up? Absolutely. The broker? Not at all.


I just want to see the spoiler :popcorn:


I do agree with you but how she handled it is unprofessional especially what’s been going on with her reputation. I wasn’t asking back for a refund of her broker fee or anything. She should have just been upfront like I’ll speak with the dealer and get back to you. That’s all I wanted. I don’t think that’s much to ask for? Salesman said whatever you said to the broker is between you two, I don’t know what you guys spoke about

Yeah I’m sure he won’t get fired but if it was a regular salesman with half ass sales, he def would have.

Let’s see what corporate and dealer says later today…
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I remember when I got my latest X3 I had to sign something from BMWFS that said somethign to the effect that “I don’t have any other applications for any other cars right now and if I do they are void”

However, what I just said does not apply to your situation at all considering you already had the other car for ~ a month? I think at the end of the day this will get funded but thats me making huge assumptions.

As for this bashing the not to be named broker that we already had a huge length discussion in. That’s kinda old news and I’d like to hear more about the interaction with corporate :slight_smile:

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So Ashleigh got banned? She seemed so pleasant?

Was she swindling customers or what?

Take a look…


I think this is where we have to set the expectations for what a broker does and how long they are involved. With this thinking, you’re essentially saying they’re involved for the life of the lease. That’s simply not true and almost nobody would offer availability like that. They are there to get you a deal. The moment they get you the deal, their job is done.

In this case, even if she spoke to them for you, there would not be any headway because it involves your financials and the dealer could not (SHOULD NOT) give that info out to the broker.


Exactly what he said. A broker is not your financial consultant. Hell, even the dealer is not. They submit you to BMWFS and await their reply. You played a game with all of this “could be in my name, my wife’s, my business’s. could be leased, financed, through CU, through BMWFS …” and it failed. When the story keeps changing, so does the deal. Pretty simple, frankly.


In light of the rampant speculation on this thread, and the inability for the broker to respond and provide a more complete picture due to the suspension, I am taking the liberty to close this thread for the time being.

OP please PM me once you have a resolution to this; I will reopen the thread for any updates to be shared. Thanks.