Dealer wants their car back…. Hmmm what?

Back in March, I place a custom build order on a new 5 series after price was finalized and rate is locked. I was told car will take 60-75 days, which I agreed. Fast forward 90+ days and no car, I got a bit antsy. Given the shortage dilemma, I was okay with waiting a bit more.

Sometime in July, dealer calls me to fill out another app as original app expired and I will not be given original rate was promised either. I was upset but really wanted the car. It was about $15 a month difference so I said fine let’s go with it. I take delivery of the car via shipping and all lease paperwork signed. Yay new car!!!

Today I get a call (20 days later) from dealer stating I need to return the car ASAP as BMWFS couldn’t fund the deal as I got an x5 earlier in the month. I clearly told the broker to let the dealership know that I signed off on a new X5 for my business but doesn’t show on my credit but financed with BMWFS also. I was reassured it will not be a problem at all since many people do it. The salesman was very rude in his request that I will be charged “diminished value” for putting tints, spoiler, wheels, etc., on the vehicle since it isn’t in stock form. I am completely shocked on how a dealership couldn’t simply ask BMWFS if there are any other open loans with them before releasing the car. It’s common sense at this rate if my credit showed a credit hit 3 weeks prior at another dealership, wouldn’t confirm there’s no other loan open? This wasn’t a spot delivery as they FedEx me paperwork and had paperwork for a week before they released the car for shipping.

I don’t mind giving car back as long I’m refunded for every dollar I put into this car already without the “diminishing value” crap. I’m not going to beat around the bush but it was BMW of Catonsville in Maryland that dropped the ball on this. I do plan on removing all my reviews that I left

On the broker side: I spoke to Ashleigh and given the situation she has been already, she should have been more accommodating in this matter. She basically threw her arms up like “take it up with BMWFS, dealership isn’t involved in this”. Funny thing is, it is the total opposite where BMWFS has no say if they declined me and dealership is clawing to get back a car they essentially gave away for free.

I know most of you aren’t lawyers but would would you guys suggest in this matter?


What does your contract say about returning the vehicle if the deal doesn’t fund and modifying the vehicle?

Says dealer has 4 days to fund deal or car must be returned. I got notice way after


Wonderful, more good news about our favorite broker


When did you find out about this and when did they find out?

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The most important question here is…who releases a car that has not fully funded?

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I assume they found out same day I found out, which was yesterday.


Yup. I stood up for her and all against you guys but now I regret it. I don’t even want this car. Eyeing an AMG now :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

I paid for shipping but they will have shipper pick up. I told them I want everything in writing from now on.

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Lol spoiler isn’t too bad in person haha. I was going to put a exhaust on it to balance off the rear end but I cancelled the exhaust when I got the call


So the dealer is not only refunding your costs of mods and shipping but threatening to charge for “diminished value”? That’s a bunch of crap. Take a road trip before you put it on a truck back to them.


I am having trouble following. They ran your credit on what date for the new car? When did you get the X5?


First app expired
Applied for x5 and approved
Reapplied for 5 series lease and approved

Dealer calls saying I’m approved for one car apparently, not two

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Okay, for some reason I thought you had done the X5 between the second credit pull and delivery.

You’re going to have a fight on your hands on the mods. I’d call the dealer and see if they can call into BMWFS to avoid the fight, Or maybe run another under the business with you as PG. I doubt the dealer wants a fight on this, or maybe they have a buyer lined up at MSRP+.


Yup. I’m thinking same. They probably have buyer over MSRP since it’s highly optioned out.


Of course it’s Catonsville…



Car was already RDR. Wouldn’t qualify for new lease incentives, unless somehow unwound.


Maybe someone paying cash? Lol :new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face:


Just a thought…and it may not be popular to all.

This thread, like the last, is going to get extremely messy.

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It’s an odd scenario and per usual, we don’t know the full story. We also can’t get it because the other user(s) involved have been suspended. We don’t know if changes were made on either side during the process that led to this or what happened. Different signers/registration states/whatever it may be.

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What’s the possibility of switching it to a one pay with FS? It may get the underwriter / mgr etc…to hit the exception key on his / her keyboard and go with it?