Dealer Screwed Me Over After I submitted all Financing Information (Looking for Options)

I agree (and I don’t agree, at least based on what we know so far, w/ those who say it’s OP’s fault), but as far as this being an EQS, I don’t think OP has specified the model in question.

I don’t agree. It’s your job to take care of you. The salesman is only going to take care of you to the extent that it benefits the business.

I think Leasehackrs tend to be more knowledgeable about the sales process, with many brokers/dealers/salespeople participating in the discussion, so it’s understandable that we might expect higher of members than the average Joe. If you’re a “hacker” you better know more than the competition. I should know, given that I fucked things up for myself and learned the hard way!

But ultimately, it’s the business’s job to make the customer happy. At least that’s how I like to run my business. No happiness, no repeat business.


It’s an EQS580

That’s a terrible salesman then. It’s crazy to me that people are blaming the customer here.

If you have a verbal deal, and a dealer reneges, for any reason, I’m going to be very mad. And I know the intricacies of the dealership.

MB Manhattan is corporate owned and they act with impunity. The GSM or GM won’t be bothered with this nonsense. I too have dealt with them over the years and they have consistently gotten worse, and many of their newer salespeople are plain old incompetent. Case in point here.

My advice is to move onto a new dealer or work with a broker here who won’t screw you over. Feel free to let off steam with an e-mail to a manager, but expect nothing in return from them.

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To be honest, once i submitted the credit app sent all the information in, and confirmed my lease terms I thought it was good to go. He said he was off until Wednesday and said he would call me Wednesday to schedule delivery. (It’s all in writing)

Just terrible service in my opinion.

These arent mutually exclusive things.

Theres a difference between saying this is the customer’s fault and the customer needs to take care of their own interests.

Nothing is good to go until the car is in your driveway. Learned that lesson long ago. If your on LH and pushing for a LH worthy deal that urgency is of the utmost importance.


Interestingly the Nissan survey does allow you to do that. It asks if you shopped at any other dealers besides the one you purchased from and if yes lets you rate them. On my Frontier 18-month deal I used that feature to put the dealers who wouldn’t do one pay+MSD on blast.

Genuine question: how, in this case, would the OP take care of themselves in a different manner than what they’ve already done?

First thing would have been to insist on signing the contract before the month ended. No reason one couldnt insist on another salesman closing things out, etc.

Second would be verifying that the programs actually have changed and quantifying it. One should be able to quickly look at the April programs, apply the negotiated discount, and verify if the programs are to blame or if the salesman is pulling a fast one.


On the other note. My sister did credit app and hard check last Saturday at 4pm and the eqs450 was picked up and contract signed yesterday with yesterday’s date.
All monthly payments as agreed on Saturday.

2023 eqs450+ suv. $114k msrp
Loaner with 1800 miles.
24/10. $676/m . $1,220 due at signing.
Long Island dealer.

We did not have any issues.