Dealer going crazy with the Supra mark up lol


You better bet someone’s gonna scoop that up anyways.

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Oh yeah no doubt once someone does other dealers will follow

Oh geeeez, typical dealer antics :roll_eyes:
It’s basically a less attractive and weaker trimmed Z4, get over it Toyota. Its a let down overall compared to old school 94+ Supra

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And ruin the market for everyone else at it…

Also love how Toyota can’t seem to make their own sport cars anymore.


Ours went for $107k. Presold


50 Hail Mary’s and 50 deep Hackr deals will absolve your sin. :smiley:


So no point in asking my dealer to sell one at sticker then :thinking:

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12% off and complimentary oil, gas and tires or I walk! :wink:


Walk straight to BMW and get a Z4 with that discount. It’s the same car…


I’ll buy one too for msrp. But that will never happen at my store.

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This car is a completely over hyped.

I wouldn’t spent $50k+ on a Toyota. Just saying.

Reminds me of an enhanced Mazda RX-8
Like if Mazda were to reintroduce the RX I could picture this being the style.


Not exactly. I was very disappointed when Toyota teamed up with BMW for the Supra, but it’s been growing on me a lot because of videos like below.


That’s a shame because Land Cruisers are pretty awesome.


I am generally seeing rave reviews regarding performance. Looks are always subjective. Big difference in price between this and the Z4.

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Japanese styling with German reliability. I would rather it be the other way around.


I’ll buy a LEXUS LC instead.

But that pricing is for genius billionaires who collect cars.

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Don’t have to be a genius billionaire to get a $100k Lexus LC

The design isnt bad I think it’s good and they were trying to connect it to the old GT toyota and I’m a fan of the old school Supra. Toyota should have set the standard to compete with the GTR instead of leaving everything to be modified by aftermarket parts and it would have been a lot of fun heck the new nismo edition GTR is going to sell for close to $200k

It isn’t really surprising anyone that yet another boosted bimmer engine is underrated by the factory, is it? It should be expected.