Dealer going crazy with the Supra mark up lol

100k is nothing to a YouTuber with followers. Seems the more we hype these vehicles they wind up in videos that cover the cost of the car in views. I personally know a guy who paid for his hellcat back in 2017 by Instagram and youtube ad revenue.


Man I wish I could’ve done that. But I’m not dumb enough to appeal to the masses.


Which is crazier—the Civic Type R or the Supra markup?


I think the TR markups though are seen as more distasteful.

Markups are for fools with cash to burn, can’t blame the dealer for trying to make money. It’s on the manufacturer. They should be able to let you order yours online and at MSRP these days. But, they may wish to reward their dealers for a while when a new hotly anticipated model hits the lot.

It’s truly amazing how much people make from YouTube …one guys video I was watching. He lived in a modest house and had just switched from a Mercedes to a Ferrari all because of his YouTube revenue stream. Others would probably think he has another job but it’s because of the YouTube success he bought a $250,000 Ferrari. Most of those YouTube videos that I have noticed are clickbate. They give you a ridiculously over the top headline and 18:56 seconds of boring content yet people by the masses watch these videos giving the YouTuber hundreds of thousands and millions a year. Who would have ever thought this just a decade or two ago.

They are not allowed to do that by law, so it is not on the manufacturer.

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What law? Law is a joke for the elite rich they’ll break it get a slap on the wrist and then turn around and do it again like the dealer that sold John Cena’s Ford GT sold it twice lol

Neither John cena nor the dealer broke any laws. They only broke a “contract” that John cena had signed with Ford and at that point, it wasn’t the dealers problem.

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Contract is a binding agreement if broken then governed by law that required them to pay a settlement without it then it’s just he say she say

it’s just not criminal I think what he’s getting at, thus “slap on the wrist” doesn’t really apply in this situation. They could settle at whatever both parties find “fair”.

I’m sure cena paid a settlement and I didn’t follow the case completely through, but it was a civil suit, not a criminal one.

I’d have to look into it, but I thought the judge presiding in the case also called into question the dubiousness of Ford even creating that contract in the first place. How can Ford dictate to a car owner what they can or can’t do with their own property after the fact?

Yeah criminal or not my point was that the rich elite can get away with stuff that an average Joe can’t

I agree with you, I just don’t think the John Cena example was the best to demonstrate your point, haha. Didn’t John Cena settle? I would hardly consider that a “slap on the wrist.” His actions didn’t warrant jail time either, in the first place.

Maybe I’m just nitpicking at this point.

What if he didn’t have the money to settle? :thinking:

Poor folk can break contracts all they want, and they do. But just like rich folk, they have to pay restitution.

Yeah totally agree like @StingerTT said wrong example for the point lol forgot I’m not in Dubai you get arrested there for not paying your bills

Actually, in the US you CAN get arrested for not paying your bills, mostly in the South. I think John Oliver did a piece on this topic.

Yeah I read some states you can mostly if you get pulled over or something and it’ll pop up on the computer

Dealer franchise laws. As a broker, certainly you know about this.