Dealer fraud....?

I was in a weird situation with my dealership that required them 2 months to process my Lease’s contract due to constant errors on their end that I caught (they inputted 10k miles instead of 15k miles and added $17 on my monthly payment). Because it took them 2 months to resolve the issue, once they officially opened my new account and tied it to my car, it showed i owed 2 payments and they made them on my behalf so that it doesn’t effect my credit.

Now they are blowing up my phone daily for me to pay them back for the first 2 payments. I told them i planned on doing so once Infiniti Financial services clears up my previous car in which i had a credit due but they keep pushing it and it is starting to annoy me given the fact that when i would email or call them, i would get a run around and get a response in a week.

My question is, do i have to even pay them back? Yes I plan on doing so, but, since they made it on my behalf, what could happen if I didn’t? The dealership i purchased the car from is 6 hours away and I will never purchase a car from them again so I don’t care about “burned bridges”. The total is $860 for the 2 payments.

Did you have the car for two months and not make a payment?

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When you are damn sure that everything is as it should be then pay them back. Take your time - make sure

And yes you do have to pay them back

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I had the car since December 2nd, the contract they originally entered in their system was incorrect and I realized it on January 1st when I was going to make my payment. I notified them, they closed the account early Janurary and officially got my new account made yesterday. When they tried to open the account, the bank required the first 2 payments so the dealership paid it. Up to this day, I have personally have not made a payment. The dealership just wants me to repay them.

But did you have the car for those two months? If you had the car and used it for two months (and didn’t make a payment) you should pay them the money.

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Good advice, thanks! They’re being pushy regardless of the fact that I told them I need everything to be processed but they can wait the way I did.

Was this IFS issue in anyway related to the dealership or the sale on the new vehicle? If not, you shouldn’t be holding this against the dealership.

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This was the dealership’s issue. They did not ground my previous lease correctly which resulted in an error. They also inputted the contract details into the system incorrectly which resulted in more errors.

If everything was the dealership’s fault, I wouldn’t pay them back until everything is resolved.


They are refusing to release my license plates without my first 2 payments. I don’t trust the dealership at all at this point. It’s been 3 months and once they finally resolve a part of the issue, they refuse to resolve the other half until I pay them the $860 they made on my half. The finance manager and I texted back and forth until I called. I told him he was violating the contract terms and he hung up in my face. I need plates and am not paying them until they resolve the issue they caused. I’m calling corporate tomorrow, any other suggestions?

can’t you get your own license plates?

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Am I the only one to say pay them if you got to use the car for three months? You agreed to make payments on this car at that price, SO PAY THEM. Is it really so hard?

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What is the issue with Infiniti? What is the make of your new car? How are the two connected?

Are you short on cash and just waiting for Infiniti to refund a security deposit to make a payment?

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I think its the smart move to withold the plates because if you had the plates you would have never paid them. As a dealership, I would do exactly the same thing if I made 2 payments on behalf of a customer and they never paid me or were willing to.

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Agree, sounds like he doesn’t want to pay.

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I understand there have been issues but you don’t simply get to keep a car for months without paying. I’m with the dealer.

If you were extremely dissatisfied with their service write a review or fill out the IFS survey, that’s the way you deal with issues like this, not withhold money.

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You’re unreasonable. Pay the dealer, get your plates, and move on.

the plates were a part of the deal.

I paid IFS for the third payment, the dealership wants me to pay them for the initial 2 payments that the bank required when they corrected and back dated my contract. I agreed to pay them multiple times under the condition that i would receive my plates first before my payment. I requested my plates because they tried to hold out on second key for my new car for a month then finally mailed it out to me after i sent them an email and escalated it to their GM. i learned my lesson on giving them the benefit of the doubt.