Dealer decals and plate frames

I have a personal distaste for most dealer decals, but then again I’ve been known to completely debadge my cars.

I don’t typically mind plate frames if they don’t otherwise detract from the car (cheap plastic shit gets thrown away pronto) but I hate when front plate brackets are installed without asking.

How do you feel about them?

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I have them remove them before I take delivery. That said, if they want to pay me a stipend to advertise for them, that’s a different story. Needless to say, nobody has taken me up on my offer, and they remove them.


I share your distaste. I typically request they leave that stuff off, especially the stickers. I don’t get much heartburn if it’s just a dealer frame on the rear as I toss it when I get home.


I’m the same. But we install the front brackets immediately during PDI because of CA requirement


If someone requests no front bracket (say on a special order) will you abide?

Sure. We send like 10 emails to the service department reminding them. Then i remove it from the trunk on arrival day just in case.


I might just be the only one who doesn’t care. In fact, I’m happy to advertise a dealer that gave me a good deal and great service.


My grandfather bought a Chrysler franchise and opened a dealership in the late 1960s, which my father later owned and operated until he retired a few years ago.

I have a stack of their decals in my desk at our vacation home. Next time I’m there I’m grabbing one for the back of my new 750.

I’ll probably put it on the back window, though.

In some parts of the country, dealers rivet their logos onto new cars. Taking it off leaves holes.

  • Very tacky !


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Agreed, to some extent. I don’t mind plate frames, but otherwise, I want nothing on the car. The dealer has obliged each time.

What’s really shady, though, is that the Volvo dealer closest to me, i.e. where I get it serviced, changes out the frames to their dealership! They did it on my 2017 S60, and they just did it to my 2019 (I had to get it inspected in NY after buying in NJ). The service ticket actually had a line item of “change frames,” which I definitely did not specify. If anything, I don’t want people to think I bought from a dealer that gives notoriously crappy deals and that I’m a schmo.


Yes - I should clarify that I’ve never had a dealer put anything on other than a license plate frame. Something on the paint is a no go.

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Oh HECK NO. That is not cool at all.

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Any dealer will replace competitor’s frames when they start servicing your car. Happened to me too.

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I have literally never had this happen. And I do this all the time.


They are nice people lol

Yeah, I wrote a pretty nasty review of it last time and posted it on Facebook (wooo, Facebook, very effective, hah), because it was super-shady. The service advisors are great, and I know it wasn’t on there when I signed when dropping it off, but the service technicians themselves…ehh.


I would hurt someone… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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You wrote that review AND servicing your car there? Congrats! lol


Haha yup. It’s just a matter of convenience, and I generally get treated okay there - manager of the whole service department knows me (especially after they messed up the trim on my 2017’s steering wheel and it took 4 tries and contacting the corporate owners/presidents of the dealership family because a sound was coming from it), but when it’s just the regular tech they sneak in shady shit like this.

The dealer is really close to me, and they drive me home and pick me up, so I don’t need to wait for when there is a loaner available. Otherwise, I have to coordinate with dealers in NJ, none of which are really convenient to work, and I’d never get there before servcie departments close for the day because of NJ traffic. I can deal with White Plains when I’m working from home.

I generally make it a practice not to patronize somewhere after I torch them online (doesn’t happen often). But you…