Dealer Database / Reviews

I think it would be helpful to somehow make a list/sheet/sticky post of car dealers where LH members have found good or bad deals, had a good or bad experience, general feedback, etc.

Feel free to contribute there.


IMO, this is a dubious pursuit, as your experience with a dealer is dependent on a lot of things – including the specific person/people you work with, the specific business drivers at the time of a transaction, etc.

I bought a CPO in December from the same BMW dealer where I had a really frustrating experience a few months earlier when I was considering leasing something new.

Previously, the new vehicle I leased in 2019 was a really strong deal at the time… but that won’t do you any good now. The sales manager I dealt with isn’t there anymore, and the market is completely different.


Thank you. I promise I did search first but either my search string was ineffective or (most likely) I just missed it.