Dealer buyout same as my buyout?

I’m attempting to flip my 4xe but Allcars is showing same buyout as me? I was under impression dealer buyout would be lower because of the taxes paid upfront but rolled into the lease…

Third party dealers can have a different buyout than the originating dealer or even the customer.

Here is a helpful link: List of Lenders that Allow for Third-Party Buyouts


If it’s CCAP, it’s the same number.

If it’s ally or US Bank, enjoy your wrangler friend.

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this is going to be a really good one.

That is not how that works. On a tax upfront lease, you are paying sales tax on the upfront amount. That transaction is over. The taxes were paid and you essentially took out a loan to cover that amount. The money is gone.

When we talk about the dealer not having to pay sales tax, thats on the buy out transaction, not the taxes you paid at origination.