Dealer buyout same as my buyout?

I’m attempting to flip my 4xe but Allcars is showing same buyout as me? I was under impression dealer buyout would be lower because of the taxes paid upfront but rolled into the lease…

Third party dealers can have a different buyout than the originating dealer or even the customer.

Here is a helpful link: List of Lenders that Allow for Third-Party Buyouts


If it’s CCAP, it’s the same number.

If it’s ally or US Bank, enjoy your wrangler friend.


this is going to be a really good one.

That is not how that works. On a tax upfront lease, you are paying sales tax on the upfront amount. That transaction is over. The taxes were paid and you essentially took out a loan to cover that amount. The money is gone.

When we talk about the dealer not having to pay sales tax, thats on the buy out transaction, not the taxes you paid at origination.

I am a little confused. I am trying to buy a 2024 Sahara 4xe for $65,000 - 13,000 incentives on lease. The dealer is telling me the payment is $730 month $0 down and buyout is $41,000. He then tells me that I wont pay the $730x36+41000 and that Chrysler will provide a smaller buyout.

If you do an early buyout, this is correct.

I think The buyout would be roughly $41K plus the depreciation portion of the remaining unpaid payments. CCAP does not get all the finance charges on the remaining payments.

If youre doing an immeidate buyout on a ccap lease, your buyout is basically the adjusted cap cost.

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How does someone find out what the buyout would be if I paid it off the next day for example.

If they said the residual at the end of the lease is $41k

And let’s say my payments are $750 month no money down

Do the math $780x36 months $28080
Plus $43,000 residual
Total $72,000

The Sahara 4xe has a $13,000 rebate
Summer sizzle - $2500
NEBC $3000
Federal $7500

So if I have 13k in rebates why is my total cost if I end lease in 30 days $69,000 I don’t see where the 13k is being accounted for.

I am only leasing to get the $13k off the car and why I would just buy out the lease within first 30 days. Anyone do this with jeep and anyway and get the 13k off and only pay $53k on the 66k car.

This is irrelevant. You do not pay the sum of the lease payments on an early buyout.

Your immediate buyout is approximately your adjusted cap cost minus the base payment amount on your first payment plus the buyout fee.

The residual value and sum of the monthly payments dont matter.

How do I find out what the adjusted cap would be and the buyout??

Assuming the first payment was made at lease origination, your lease balance is the adjusted cap – the base payment at lease inception. Let’s call this difference B. If you decide to buy the vehicle within the next 30 days but before your 2nd payment is due, then your adjusted lease balance can be estimated within a dollar or so, as follows….

B x (1 + 2MF) or, more accurately…

B x (1 + r/12)

Here, MF is the money factor and r is the actual interest rate embedded in the lease. This is known as the actuarial or constant yield rate referenced in almost every lease agreement. However, this is not disclosed to the lessee, but it can be calculated. Adding the purchase option fee plus applicable taxes and any admin fees to the above amount gives the buyout price. Another way to compute the adjusted lease balance is to add the present value of the remaining payments to the present value of the residual using the actuarial or constant yield rate as the discount rate. Add the purchase option fee plus applicable taxes and any admin fees to this adjusted balance to get the buyout amount.

I’m not sure if you can pay the lease off immediately unless the lease has already been funded. One reason may be that the fund provider can’t calculate the adjusted lease balance until the actuarial or constant yield rate has been computed which is the actual lease amortization rate similar to the loan amortization rate (interest rate) in a loan. It seems to me that this can’t happen until the lease accounting has been completed, booked, and funded. That’s part of the reason why you pay a lease acquisition fee to the fund provider.

Your lease agreement is the final authority as to how your lease buyout is calculated. As such, you may want to read the paragraph that describes how your adjusted lease balance and subsequent payoff is determined. Hope this helps you.

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Your buyout is as I’ve described above. The adjusted cap is…

Sell price + amounts capped in the lease - cap reductions.

If you’re buying out immediately, then most likely your adjusted cap is just the sell price as you would not cap anything or make any cap reductions. Any incentives/rebates would likely be used to pay for fees upfront (acq fee, doc fee, gov fees, taxes, etc.).