Deal Support: 2019 Audi E-Tron P+ @ new $579 Advertisement


Howdy all,

Looking for some help making this deal possible as I am new to leasing but have been working my tail off to learn.
Audi has posted a $579 ETron deal I am trying to take advantage and the dealers in my area are playing hard to get. Details are posted in the pic below for reference.

2019 Audi E-Tron P+ @ 36 Mo / 12Kyr

My Zip: 60654
Edmunds Pull: RV 48% MF .00173 $7500 Lease Cash / $7500 Dealer Marketing Allowance
I do have Audi Loyalty; $2000 Lease Cash

Here is what the dealer is noting:
They have already told me the RV is @ 48% and MF is @ .00230.

They are telling me:
“The advertised price is with a significant down payment. The payment is above the 579 due to the $81 user tax charged to leases in the city of Chicago. The total due at signing is reflective of the $3,973 due as advertised, plus taxes, title, doc, acquisition and first months payment.”

Am I right that they are just trying to get me to cover the reduction from Cap?

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Again, I am new to this but look forward to the help.

Lease Advertisement:

I’m looking at them here in California and that drive off is insane. Do you have Costco?

That 12k drive off is a joke right? He meant 2k?

Nope, they are trying to say this is the $ to pay. The original monthly payment was at $1050 before I started digging in. I think I have a chance with this dealer if I can just slap him with what it should be broken down as,… any suggestions? @vhooloo

Yes have Costco; 10% discount is current setup,… it notes pre-incentive but that is speculation ATM.

They already hit you with a ‘stupid high’ number… they’re not gonna play ball. Move on to another dealer. If you were on the East or west coasts, there’s dealer’s/brokers who can help you much more. IL… Others can chime in :slight_smile:

Edit: look on the marketplace, there have been recent e-tron posts for comparison.

Can you tell us what exactly is tax rate for Chicago? Is there a state plus county tax on lease?

In other words, does Chicago expect you to pay for the civil service pension of city employees along with the actual lease costs?

If that’s the case, you may have no choice but to move to Indiana to get lease hacks…

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IL State tax is 7%, Cook County use tax is 1%, and Chicago Use tax is 1.25%. (Yes they are stupid and dont even get me started into my property tax; that is is a round over beers)
Arent these type of taxes normally rolled into the monthly payment and not required as part of the down payment?

Thanks for that suggestion; I’ll take a look now for IL comparison.

I think IL makes you pay full sales tax on the cost of the vehicle rather than monthly lease cost. Texas is the same, so I would look into BMW Owner’s Choice options on PHEV’s unless you really want a full electric.

If you do a BMW Owner’s Choice then you can get the full federal tax refund on top of lease incentives (or at least a bunch of us were able to do that in TX last year).

You are right; have to pay the tax up front.

In Illinois you pay tax on the part of the car you lease…the monthly payment. You would also pay taxes on any down payment.
I have a quote on an ETron from the same dealership.
Monthly payments $970
DAS $ 1870
MF 0.00238

They must be very attached to their ETrons

The tax rate in chicago is much higher than that. Effective tax on a lease in the city of chicago is more like 16-18% because you get to pay illinois/cook county sales tax and then the 9% Chicago lease tax. This is unique to the city of Chicago.

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I hit up my local dealership in Ohio for the same offer (w/ loyalty here as well). They came back with over $700 a month w/ nearly $5k down. I’ve seen some crazy deals for E-Tron on here, but having trouble coming close to replicating.

I’m reaching out to Southern California dealerships on the E-tron. So far the offers I’ve seen have been less than stellar. I’m looking at this or an SQ5 depending on which one we can get a better deal on. For the E-Tron, seems a number of dealers around here have quite a few 2019s still in their inventory (a couple dealers with over 50). I would imagine they would be willing to move these but who knows.

Time is on your side with etrons. They will not be leasable next month. However, some dealers seem to want to use them as either landscape decoration or boat anchors and not want to rid them. Patience. Keep working at it.

What do you mean, “not leasable next month”?

It’s a 2019, 2020 etron is getting skipped due to Covid.

Lease support on 2019s ends soon and was supposed to have ended this month.

Really good to know.