Deal on Toyota Rav4


I’m new to this platform and i’ve read the 101 and other helpful documents.

I have this deal I’m looking to close on in Philly (I put the down payment at zero as suggested but despite that I’m assuming I will get slapped with other customary fees per the small print)

I wanted to know what you hackr’s think of it. It does follow the general rule of around 1% a month. Also how would I go about discussing Multiple security deposit’s to potentially lower the price more if possible?

TD/LR: Is this a good deal!

Thanks in advance!

I dunno if you’ve asked Cody for the link to his deals regarding Toyotas. It is a good place to start to compare your lease deals. He is the most legit person who works at a dealership who is here to help. Multiple people on here have used him. But for month of May the deal for LE (FWD) (36/12k) is $692.31 Drive off with monthly of 305.86 (tax not included). With 9 MSD its $275.71 (no tax included). Obviously yours is 36/10 thus it’ll be different numbers. Do the math yourself to see if it’s worth it.

If you are in Philly just reach out to @Jrouleau426 and save yourself a headache lol


That deal listed is probably with no discount at all. It’s not even an offer, not sure the point of this thread?

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lool new to this will do

Shoot me a text. I’m local and will take care of you. First month payment on me!


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My advice is not no lease or buy Rav4. You can be in much better car for extra $50-100.

We actually bought a brand new Rav4 about three years ago for my wife with a great discount and 0% interest. Roof liner and transmission were replaced at no cost to us when the car was under 10k. Lots of time wasted, but got 6 year extended warranty out of it.

Would I do that again? No, as there are so many better luxury cars for about the same price. Do not limit yourself unless again extra $50-$100 a month or extra research time are an issue.

It’s a redesigned car for 2019. I can get them for low 200s/mo with nothing down. Not a lot of suvs in that price range. Not to mention covered maintenance for 25,000 miles. I’ve driven the new 2019 and if my budget was 250/mo I wouldn’t have a problem driving one at all. They drive great and have a ton of safety features standard.

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All true, but it is RAV4:) we still have 2016 model and I hate it after three years.

Now for the maintenance, it will be only two oil changes ~$80-$100 value. I am sure your local Toyota dealer would want to sell $50 cabin air filter twice or some other services to make up for the difference.

Just to give you an example for extra a month $50 I got QX60. Last month you could probably get a very nice BMW loaner for $200-$350. I am sure there are more deals to come.

You do have to work and hut those BMW and QX60.
Plus you can’t compare QX60 to RAV4 even if the payment is the same. For some people QX60 is just to big of a car to deal with. Same with BMW - premium gas, run-flats etc.
RAV4 for $250 is a budget car these days and you won’t have to spend time working your brain to mush if the starting point is Leasing 101…

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I just want to make sure that OP is aware that there are much better options for a very similar price out there if he wants to do some work.

Different but not necessarily better for the OP as we don’t know OP’s criteria:)

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There are much better cars than RAV4 unless you are married to RAV4:)

Name them for $250/mo? You need nothing to qualify for these deals. The bmw you mention needs lots of negotiating, loyalty, OL codes, etc. I know, I own a $200 328d and x2


So, you are saying that OP doesn’t deserve deals you’ve got?:slight_smile: Do you own RAV4? If no, why you didn’t get one? Sounds like a good deal right?:slight_smile:

Again there is nothing wrong with driving RAV4 as it is a solid cheap budget car. This doesn’t mean that someone should settle for one as there are better cars out there that you can get for a similar price if you time it right and spend some time on this forum.

This whole conversation reminds me a dealer experience… Car dealers want to save your time and they will let you know how hard it is to sell your own car or get a better deal.

Unlike some of you, I am not selling anything and letting OP know that there are options out there.

I don’t see where you’re inferring anything about OP not “deserving” the deals he got…that’s a stretch for sure. The OP asked about a RAV4, and @Jrouleau426 can help them get into a RAV4 quickly, easily, and for a really good price (especially for a completely redesigned car). I’m sure he can also help them get into a different make/model if that’s what they end up wanting.

Some people have chosen a car for a reason and they want to get the best deal possible on that specific car. Just as you might like a particular make/model, OP may really enjoy the RAV4 and find it most suitable for their needs.

Similar meaning $50-100 more per month? Over the course of a 36 month lease, that can certainly add up. Maybe OP has a strict budget and timeline. As you said, timing is also key. Those crazy BMW (that had loyalty, OL codes, etc.) and Infiniti deals (many with VPP, MSDs, and extra incentives) aren’t happening right now.

What options do you know of in this class with the features that the RAV4 has at this price?


Alright to clarify:

I’m new to the art of lease hacking but i’ve been casually looking around for leases in the past month.

Here is my situation:

  1. I move to Philly the 5th of June and I need a car by the 14th. It is a narrow time frame.

  2. I’ll be a medical resident so will be working most of the time, so I want a reliable car.

  3. Jroul is right in terms of negotiating, loyaly, OL codes - I don’t mind spending some time and learning the hoops (I do have free time atm while I am in Dallas), but if it will be too much of a hassle it may not be worth it. (need car by the 14th of June and if not the 14th by the end of the month forsure- I fly to philly on the 6th of June)

  4. The Toyota Rav4 would come out to 226 for the XLE a month with a 2k security deposit per Jim’s deal (not sure on the Walk out price) @chi what car can you think of under 300 with similar terms. I’m looking for a crossover or car. Nothing like a huge q60. I think the 2019 rav4 is a sexy car. I would probably find a infiniti sedan, bmw, lexus IS, more appealing to be real but they seem much more expensive when it all adds up - wouldn’t a 40k car be around 400 a month- eg; lexus is $329 a month with 4000 due at signing on the website and bmw is near $400 - how low could it possibly go? Could I find a deal where it would be same price no signing - i checked websites like swapalease and didn’t see anything that stood out.

i’ll be heavily surfing the forums this next week! Lets see lots of learning to do!