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Check out the newest deals on 2020 Tundra’s, Tacoma’s and Rav 4’s!

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I’d recommend structuring the deal with just 10k miles and listing your broker fee.

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@BS5507 Here is a great Tundra deal for you in TX.

Edit: Looks like you just closed on a deal earlier today.


Thanks for looking out😃

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Curious about flexibility of annual mileage, and where you’re located. Thanks!


Mileage may lower payment by $10-$15 a month, location is DFW.

Hi, is this available to out of state residents?
How much would it increase/decrease for FL?
Also, is shipping to FL an option?

This deal is available to out of state residents. Please note that payment may change but can give you a figure before deciding due to different tax rates. Shipping isn’t available through finance company used. But with 15,000 miles you can buy a one way ticket and drive her home!

Thank You!

At 24/10 payment will decrease to $275

So it is only .03 cents a mile to go from 10K a year to 15K a year lease?

Please DM or PM me as I am very interested in this deal.

I have a Toyota Tacoma with 17 months of lease remaining that I would like to early lease return.

Live in FL, but brother lives in Dallas so I can make this happen with some coordination and organization.

The early turn in will obviously throw the payment way off. It probably wouldn’t be worth it honestly speaking. If you want this deal and can title it in Texas, throw your taco on swapalease and hope for the best. Once you’re ready, take it to Florida and register it there. Don’t want to waste your time.


It’s about 3.4 cents/mile which is why I originally made it a 15k lease but some are looking for lower payment so I made that an option. There’s really not much room on this deal.

I’m interested in the Tacoma. Can you help?

hi, sent you an email about this deal. lmk if you can help. thanks

Is this through TFS? What kind of incentives are the 2020’s getting? Do you think a 2019 would be even cheaper?

Let me see if I can work a deal with Tacoma’s and I’ll get back to you. Are you located in Texas?

No, but your getting 3500 incentives and a tax incentive which is making the payment palatable. Through TFS the payment doubles to $599.

I’m interested what’s a good way to reach you today?

Yes I am. I bought my 2017 Rav in Mckinney.

Am interested in one. Can you help work a deal for me. Am in Dallas