Deal Check- Volvo XC60 NY

This is my current Volvo XC60 deal
the monthly payment is actually 480/mo (everything rolled in). with just first payment due at signing. Good deal or can better be done?

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What incentives are being rolled into that discount?

it seems like they are rolling the costco into the discount and applying loyalty after the fact.

And the lease cash/Volvo allowance I assume?

yup, they state this is the absolute bottom line for them, whatever that means.

Gotta break out all the incentives from your discount to be able to evaluate.

What did Edmunds give you for RV/MF/incentives?

Seems high with Costco and loyalty

So basically on the rebate/incentives line they put: $2,000
the rest they said was rolling into the discount off the MSRP

Edmunds stated:
.00097 MF and 57% residual
$2250 lease bonus

You’re getting 17.2% off MSRP? Does that include incentives? I’m struggling to figure out if 13% is possible.

So $2250 lease bonus and $1250 (not sure that’s the correct amount) costco rolled in.

Puts you at ~10% pre-incentive.

He’s getting under 11% before incentives

final monthly payment is 469/month

So that 2K rebate is loyalty? That might be where my personal deal is missing out.

$2k loyalty separated out, $2250 lease cash and $1250 Costco rolled into the discount.

10.3% pre-incentive

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So, Ive tried my hardest, and comparing it lease brokers, I am around the same monthly price minus their retainer fee. What else should I do?

Not a bad discount, unless you want to fight for another $350

Based on your dealer fees, I’m assuming this dealer is in NJ, so max out those MSDs.

I chose to forego MSD’s due to liquidity reasons. But other than that @Ursus I’m a bit exhausted from fighting for the max discounts ($350 doesn’t seem too much for me and they are willing to walk away)
so according to the experts here, I just wanted to confirm that I am not getting ripped off

If everything else checks out, you are not. But as I said before - seems high

Thanks to @Ursus and @mllcb42 for the guidance. Much appreciated