Deal Check- Volvo XC60 NY

Costco should be taxad incentive. @nyclife can You please confirm it?

Calculator has 58%, not 57% for the RV, so it’s even further off

@mllcb42 its weird, because edmunds told me 57% but my dealership papers state that the RV is 58%

Are you sure Edmunds gave you the RV for 7500 miles and not 10k?

I asked for:
2020 XC60 T5 Momentum AWD
36 months/10k miles
36 months/7.5k miles

and they just gave me: one set of number - .00097 MF and 57% residual
$2250 lease bonus

They make mistakes sometimes. 7.5k is not common

Gotcha. They gave you the 10k numbers then. 7500 is 10k RV + 1%

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