Deal Check: V60 CC Loaner with 4,100 miles $276/mo incl. tax; $2140 DAS + 682 equity

I think I may have pulled it off. Eager for feedback.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 V60 CC
MSRP: $50800
Monthly Payment: $276.71 incl. tax
Drive-Off Amount: 1864 fees + first month = 2140.71
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00029
Residual: 51.39
Incentives: 5750 lease cash/allowance; 2000 Costco
Region: South
Leasehackr Score: 14.2 years (-ish?)
Leasehackr Calculator Link: [EDIT] fixed link to calculator:

Final price reflects ~682 in equity from an early lease trade-in. Fees = $995 acquisition; $599 dealer fee (“non-negotiable”); + 270 gov’t

This feels good. Can’t get the numbers to match in calculator & feel LH score is off a bit as a result. Monthly is $319.14 if I go with just first month payment + tax as drive-off. But that lowers my LH score a bit. Not exactly clamoring to drop 2k as Drive-off. Which way should I go?

What’s that? Did you do pull ahead or they bought your car?

Have a lease on another (non-Volvo) vehicle that ends in August. One more payment of $189, payoff of 11,200, dealer offering 12k for it. Said that my equity would be taxed, applied to sales price.

Very good deal and good discount, considering they gave you more for the trade-in to make discount look like 16% before incentives.

Thanks! And hmm. I negotiated pre-incentive price to 42550. Negotiated trade-in after that. So trade-in is supposed to reduce sales price by 682. Will need to make sure that’s what’s up.

Maybe they used it as reduction in DAS, I did not go through the numbers really.

Don’t worry about the LH score… just structure it up to a max of first payment plus dmv/govt fee

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Fantastic deal, especially on 12k/yr. I have been talking to a dealer locally about a very similarly priced loaner (with identical incentives) and can’t get them to budge below high $300s all-in on a 36mo/10k.

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so offer first payment + 270?

Looks like should be $285/mo with tax and ~$1,500 DAS (fees, first month and $682 credit)

Yeah, I can’t quite work out the $276.71 he quoted me.

Should add that he said I can go up to 10 MSD. But I’m not rolling in dough and am fairly pleased with where we landed on monthly.

You can’t do more than 5 MSDs (5* 0.00005) to bring MF down to 0.00004

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Ah, okay. Thanks.

I get $264/mo and $2,185 DAS if they used $682 as CCR. So $276 is somewhere in between, but they might have split equity and moved numbers around.
p.s. I’m NOT counting tax on $2,000 Costco

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Hit a snag negotiating MSDs. Wanted a quote with 5 MSDs on each of the options above ($2140 DAS versus first month + tax DAS). Dealer hasn’t worked with MSDs before, and we seem to be stuck on trying to figure out how this works. Having difficulty figuring out when to calculate MSDs–before or after factoring in DAS? Anyone have any pointers on this, & how I might walk him+me through it succesfully? He’s getting annoyed and has repeatedly suggested I drop the MSDs.

Fix the DAS at $X. That fixes the monthly (pre-MSD). MSD gets applied to that monthly.

But you cannot fix reluctance. Decide for yourself if the struggle is worth it.

Tell him to calculate payments with adjusted MF (0.00004) instead of 0.00029 then multiply resulting payment by 5. Your DAS is only first month based on what you PMed me.
Or just drop MSDs, if he can’t figure it out… It saves you $17/mo and MF is low as is

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Was a close one but we worked it out. He was including MSDs in “due at signing” leading to all sorts of wonkiness. Props to @Ursus for being so quick on the crisis line!!!

Make sure they put $1,500 MSDs on “Refundable Deposit” line in the contract. It goes to Volvo

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Originally included this in the Trophy Garage, but then saw the guidelines and Instagram stuff.

I signed and drove home June 30 with a deal that looked like this:

MSRP $50800 - advanced pkg, protection pkg, heated rear seats & steering wheel
Preincentive 42550 (-16.2%)
Costco, Volvo allowance + bonus
MF .00004
RV 51.39
DAS $500 (first month + change) & 5 MSDs
Monthly: $299 incl. tax

Sprung for tire & rim, which was offered at a good price. Paid separately so as not to muss up the contract. As noted above, also got $757 for a lease trade-in which, for me, nets out to over $1k b/c they are nullifying the $350 disposition and also handling the last month’s payment.

FWIW they were absolutely giddy to have this thing gone. Said I was second person to buy a wagon at their dealership–ever.

Went from a base Civic hatchback to a V60 CC in the 12 days I’ve been on LH. And the V60 is $10 more a month than the Civic. Unreal. This place is amazing and @Ursus was amazingly helpful in helping me put a button on this deal. Shouts out to @lamgol and @volvo1 and @HersheySweet and @neverhaveleased for all their previous posts, which helped me figure out what I was doing. Now, to figure out how to clean this thing and not worry every second about losing a key…