Deal Check: Mercedes GLB250

Best of luck!

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Where in my post did I say “checking every single box?” I specifically wrote “every possible option package” (meaning packages w/ multiple features included, such as the Premium Package and Multimedia Package) and “no appearance packages.”

At $48K, the MSRP is some 26% higher than the base car. It (my config, not necessarily the OP’s) includes the Premium, Multimedia, Driver’s Assistance, Parking Assistance, panoramic sunroof, upgraded headlights, and interior ambient lighting. If you consider all that to be “mildly equipped,” than we have a difference of opinion that’s probably not going to be resolved. ::shrug::

As for XC60 options that aren’t available on the GLB, only the OP knows what appeal to her. She specifically said that she likes boxier cars, and it’s hard to get boxier than the GLB.

A Toyota Corolla with every single option box checked is still mildly equipped when compared to vehicles that come with a lot of features.

You’re arguing semantics here. The obvious point was that at $48k, there are a lot of things that can be had from other vehicles for the same lease cost. Goes back to the GLB being new, and as such, still being a poor lease value.

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As are you. I’m simply arguing them in a manner that isn’t compatible w/ how you think but is equally valid.

What other car has “more features” and is the same MSRP as a fully-equipped Corolla? And do those other features even matter to the potential buyer?

There might be. Whether those appeal or not to the OP is something the OP will need to decide for herself.

End of rant from me.

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Who cares about MSRP? This is a lease forum.

Can you suggest other makes/models to research? You’re right, this is a total personal preference thing.

Well, I think the important first question is why the GLB? I get that you like the styling, but are there features about it that fit your needs? Do you need a 3 row vehicle that’s also very small?

You do. You wrote in your post

Personally I’ve been keeping my eyes on the Volvo XC40 T5. The car is pretty light weight and has a decent amount of horsepower so its “peppy”. Also it has a lot of standard features and leases for significantly less than the GLB. A lot of north east brokers have killer deals on XC40’s definitely worth a look.

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I don’t need a third row- I really only wanted the two row configuration Safety features seem fairly standard among the SUVs in this price range. I think the GLB is the right size for me (GLA seems to small/GLC too big). And, again, it’s more square, so it seems to have fewer blind spots (although I know that I can add blind spot monitoring, and I will).

Thanks for the recommendation- very useful

Have you looked at the xc40? It’s definitely bigger than the gla, has a great suite of safety options, shares the blockier styling, and is going to be a much better lease value (although I’d suggest looking at the xc60 too, though it’s closer in size the glc).

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See that lease cost part of the statement?

I do, which is why I included it. But I also see the irrelevant part of your statement about MSRP (an irrelevance that you yourself made an oblique reference to). Had you said, “For the same monthly payment as you’ve been offered for the GLB, there are many other cars you may wish to consider that may be better fit for you” (and had @max_g said that the same thing), I wouldn’t have made a comment b/c I agree w/ that.

But @max_g made an irrelevant judgment call on a car being “mildly optioned,” and I don’t really understand why you jumped into the conversation to defend his statement. ::shrug::

The context of using the MSRP here was to describe the level of equipment included.

“A $48k GLB has x, y, and z on it”

That’s why we were comparing lease prices and equipment values. A $48k GLB will have less options than a $60k xc60, even though the xc60 will be cheaper to lease.

You’ll get no argument from me that the XC60 will be cheaper to lease and is better value for the $, but are there actually many more options available for the XC60 that you can’t get a GLB (and the this is a question for you and @max_g, which may or may not be useful for the OP)?

I’m admittedly much more familiar w/ MB options and pricing structure and there are so many XC60 trim levels to wade through (which makes it hard to know where to start as a comparison), but I’m looking at both configurators now, and, just in my quick skimming, the potential options for both seem pretty similar to me, actually (I’m using an Inscription T5 AWD).

Again, not arguing that the XC60 is better value for the money and more sophisticated/stylish/desirable/etc. (which may or may not be important for the OP), but, at least in terms of potential features (which is not just an issue of semantics), I am actually not seeing a huge difference.

Better sound system, air ride, phev, significantly more power, etc

Maybe a loaded Subaru Outback or Forester? Those are pretty boxy and have good visibility.

Volvo V60 Cross Country is my current fave.

Mazda CX-5 and Volkswagen Tiguan are not luxury brands but they have nice interiors when optioned up.

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I wanted to give an update on my quest to get a GLB. The local dealer wouldn’t negotiate any further, so I know that I did the right thing and I walked away.

I continued to read through the posts here & reached out to a broker from the marketplace, @leasecompanion. He was able to find me a GLB AWD 4matic with more features.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Mercedes GLB250 AWD
MSRP: $48,300 (+ $1110 PPM)
Sell Price: $41,211
Monthly Payment: $465
Drive-Off Amount: $6036 (with 10 MSDs= $5500)
Annual Mileage:12,000
MF: 0.00119 (0.00049 with 10 MSDs)
Residual: 60%
Region: Northeast (VA/DC)

So, he found me a better car at a better price-- I’m thrilled with my new car!!



Please feel free to close this thread- I’m a happy, new, leasing girl.

Thanks, guys, at Leasehackr - you were all very nice to this newbie and helped me to find what I wanted. :kissing_heart:

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