Deal Check - Lexus 300 IS with packages

Hello guys. I am new to leasehacker. And I am looking to lease a car. I talked to a lexus dealer today and got this offer. Please let me know if this appears to be a good deal. Location is oklahoma city. Heres the leasehackr calculator.

Have also included a picture of what the dealership us offering me.

Be sure to specify your location when asking for input on a deal!

This looks better, and this is this guys second one he hacked Another one SIGNED: 2020 Lexus IS 350 AWD F Sport $363/mo total $375 DAS

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Hey @rajeeb glad you’re learning, don’t worry if you’re new to leasing or this site, we all start somewhere, and there are great resources here, in the articles and also the helpful people.

As far as your deal structure goes, the IS 300 isn’t leasing as well as the 350, which is obviously harder to locate. It seems like you’re eligible for college grad rebate. If you were to get the 350, you’d get more car, and a better deal, because you’d potentially get $8500 in rebates instead of what that dealer is showing.

My advice is to try with a few more dealers or contact a broker

Thanks a lot, guys. I saw your lease signing of the 350 F Sport @wolverine365 , and wanted to get that one too. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a single one within a 500-mile radius. Asked the dealer if he could give me similar offer as the one advertised for the 350 F Sport as the price for the 350 and the 300 with the options were similar. After a lot of back and forth, this is what I was offered. Hoped I could get a bit more of dealer off on the MSRP (about 8% instead of the 6.2%) but they didn’t budge.