Deal check: Hyundai Tucson

I was quoted this deal and would like to know if it is worth it. The MSRP is $29,445. The vehicle is in Maryland. Thanks!

In order to evaluate that deal, you’ll need to know the lease program info (RV, MF, incentives) for that car.

Here’s how to do that:

You’ll have to create an Edmunds account and post your question there. I didn’t see anything already posted for Tucson Sport FWD in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Thank you for the feedback!

On the face of it, though, $369 per month with $1,000 drive-off seems like a tremendous amount of money on a Hyundai Tucson.

Have you considered other options like Mazda CX-5 Touring or Subaru Forester Premium? Saw some pretty good deals on those in the Marketplace:


6.25% on the sale price of the vehicle make most leases there ugly

Thank you again for the information. I was wondering if I researched this correctly per your directions. I found a similar Tucson at Edmunds only $5 different in MSRP on the one I was quoted. The Edmunds vehicle showed an RV of 55% and MD of .00138. I’ve inserted screenshots.

Can I assume that would be the same for the Tucson I was quoted? If so, would you be able to evaluate this deal? Thanks for your time!

Are those numbers consistent with what they told you when you posted on the forum and asked for rv/mf/incentives?

This is actually a good discount. The monthly cost is consistent with Maryland taxes.

Thank you for asking @mllcb42. I never received RV/MF from dealer that quotes me. I thought the rebate was the incentives. Do I need to do more homework? Thanks for helping a noob!

You should always independently verify RV/mf/incentives.

I’d go a step further and say make sure you don’t talk numbers with a dealer until you know what a good deal should be based on everything you qualify for

Hi all!
@michael I received a new quote from them today and I’m still trying other dealers for better. Would you be able tell if this is decsent? Thanks!
MSRP $29,445