Deal Check Chevy Blazer EV $434/mo

36mos/12k $0 down, $434/month

Msrp of $54,595
Federal incentive 7500
Utility incentive 2200
Costco incentive 1000

We are in Vermont but don’t qualify for any state incentives.

Still waiting on residual and MG but I pushed on Kia ev6, VW id4 and Toyota Toyota bz and couldn’t get under 600 a month with zero down.

Is this a screaming good deal or am I missing something??

Yeah. You must be doing something wrong when presenting the dealers your numbers.

Try a 24-month single-payment lease.

Double check incentives.

Are you making offers or asking for quotes?

Check out this thread:

And all of the deals posted in Marketplace and Signed Deals forums.

There seems to be quite a few Under $300 a month deals advertised on Leasehackr. It seems to be heavily dependent on stacking incentives for which one is eligible.