Deal Check: BMW I4 M50 lease

I am new in the car leasing space. Trying to figure out if this lease makes sense? BMW i4 M50 , how can I make it better? Is it advisable to go for 7500 miles or 10000 considering its the second car in the household and I am not sure of mileage. difference between 7500 and 10000 is just $25 per month.
Any inputs will be greatly appreciated! Deal includes max msd.
If I pay taxes and fee upfront Monthly become $582
Dealer is also selling tyre and wheel protection plan for $1675 , rolled into monthly payment for $50/month additional. Does it make sense to add that? Premium plus option as per the screenshot.

So much of an EV payment swings with local taxes.

You need to tag your actual state instead of the nonsensical “nationwide”

Thanks for pointing it out, just corrected!Do you have any feedback on the deal itself?

This is ZDAS (zero due at signing) except the refundable MSD?

Exactly! There’s another option to pay taxes and fees upfront and bring down monthly payment to $581

16% off is good been seeing just 12% off lately

Other factors such as money Factor, fees etc are ok? Is there a way to better this?

You have a marked up MF but a high discount to offset it. This is better than what most of us are offering on new cars. Take it and run if you like the car.

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Thanks alot! I definitely like the car but I want to make sure I am not ignoring any other aspects of the deal which could be improved.
I do have another offer on Xdrive40 MSRP 73K but 14% dealer discount and possibly lower MF and my monthly reduces by $80.

Can you qualify for loyalty, corporate/fleet or conquest incentives? I would think you can pick up another $1000 rebate via one of these. I would stick with 7500 miles, unless you know for sure you will use more, because BMW lets you buy miles (at a discount) at any time. You can even spread that cost over remaining payments.

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Unfortunately I do not qualify for any of those incentives. Changing to 7500 miles is only saving me $19 per month. This is going to be the second car in household but the other one is a gas guzzling suv so we will be mostly using this one. I figured buying later at 23c/mile is going to be 3 times costlier.
Is June generally a good time to lease these? Traditionally I thought December was the the best time. I am not in an urgent need and can manage a couple of months but I don’t want to lose a deal if it’s exceptional and possibly will never come back.

I would take the 40 trim if I were in your shoes.

And soon.

Complete coin toss whether deals and availability get better in the next two months.

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Makes sense, saves me around $3000 over the life of lease but I am so enticed by M50 :slightly_smiling_face:

Take the m50. You are getting a vehicle that is faster than an M4 and will probably hold value better than the x40. The x40 sounds pretty fully loaded at $73K.


Yeah, M50 is just too good to ignore. Trying to reach a decision soon.
Dealer is also selling tyre and wheel protection plan for $1675 , rolled into monthly payment for $50/month additional. Does it make sense to add that?

Some high-end wheels with serious low profile rubber? Sometimes yes.

Unless you plan on curbing your wheels or going offroad, generally not with those wheels.

It won’t pay for new tires when you need them, but really just bent wheels, road rash repair, total blowouts and sidewall carnage that can’t be plugged. Are you likely to spend up to $1800 over the life of the lease if you don’t drive like an idiot?


This is such a perfect reply. I could’t think that way. I assumed that M50 wheels and tyre would be crazy expensive to fix/replace but it doesn’t seem like that. Even the roads here are not that bad where I would run into potholes every other day.
I was just informed it includes Dent repair and Keyfob replacement as well, still undecided.

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I added the screenshot of protection plan. Premium plus plan.

Like Serotonin (didn’t think I would get that did you!) said, I don’t think it is worth it. I don’t think the i4m40 comes with run-flat tires which tend to bubble when damaged and need to be replaced. The wheels are not that expensive to fix or replace. BMW is pretty lenient on curb rash at lease end, but you can get a wheel refinished for <$200 around me.