Deal Check: BMW I4 M50 lease

You won’t lose your keys/fob (get a leather fob with an AirTag) and if the OEM fob unit goes bad it likely is a replaced battery or warranty issue.

The PDR makes it a bit more appealing as that is something with tight parking that will come up and be useful, but you can get that for +/- $100 per shot.

As for the rest - Roadside Assist: should get that from BMW for free, and Travel/Rental: should have that for a super cheap rate through your auto insurer.


Nice catch!

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I’m confused,
Why haven’t you signed yet?

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We are just signing as I type.

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Good to know all of this information. We skipped that plan. Thanks you for taking time to read and respond.

All of this is so useful to know and helped in decision making. We skipped that plan. Thanks for taking time to read and respond!

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Please let us know how you like the m50. I have been considering one myself, but just can’t pull the trigger on a switch to all electric yet. I would miss the exhaust note from my Macan GTS…

This is an amazing car! So well built and stupid fast. Genuinely luxurious interior. 2024 model cimes with 2 year free EA charging as well! Only downside is very limited interior space, I have a full size suv so won’t be using it in long journeys.

Pm OP for dealer requests