Deal Check: BMW 330i loaner


Here is the calculator info:

Vehicle info:

Location: Houston, TX
The values are as stated in the calculator above. However, the monthly is $599 offered. $0 down, first payment + old car balance due at signing.
I have a trade in with negative equity. They are giving me more money to cover the car than what it was appraised for. Appraised at 7K offering 10K in order to help pay off balance. Edmunds appraised it at 8K.

Is this a good deal?

You need to remove the trade from the deal to properly evaluate how good or bad the new car deal is first.

Also what do you mean by ‘old car balance due at signing’?

If you lower your selling price by $3k to account for the dealer’s inflated trade in, you’re at around 17% pre-incentive, which is a fine deal on a loaner 330i.

That said, have you compared other offers from Carvana or Vroom? If everyone else is offering you say $8-9k for your trade but this dealer is at $7k, then they’re really not offering that much more, so they’re more realistically around 13-14% pre-incentive on the new car, which is ok but not great.

I checked Carmax and edmunds and took it to another dealer here locally and they all said $8k for trade. The dealer is offering $10k.

<Also what do you mean by ‘old car balance due at signing’?>
I still owe $17k on the car so I will need to pay this balance.

Calculator is useless with so many default inputs in there.

This is also Texas, and the tax is completely off. Also, momentum is ALWAYS full rate on the MF, so it’s 0.00122.

The only value I left as default was the gov fees which is equivalent to the doc fees, license, title, inspection fees. I didn’t see an area for this so I left it at $400 to match these fees. All other values come from the dealer.

Ah thanks! I changed this value. The value I had was given from edmunds. Let me ask the dealer just to make sure.

You don’t qualify for conquest or loyalty? It’s showing only lease cash. The incentive is bad for a high mileage loaner on top of the marked up mf.

This is what they just sent me. It is not matching what I put in the calculator.

Did I enter something wrong? The Selling price is 16% but the payment is still high. I wonder why… Sorry, my first lease.

Those numbers are horrendous, see the cash down? PM @IAC and see what he can do for you. You haven’t given the details on the mystery trade in either

Cash down is for my trade. I owe a lot. It needs about the same amount in repairs. Basically, I am trying not to have to deal with repairs for a while. I owe $17 they are giving $9K…I have to cover the remaining $8K. (don’t judge me on this part…I just really want to get rid of it. I’ve spent so much in repairs and now the drive train malfunction appears and needs lots more work.)

Not judging just asking for the details, make, model, miles, payoff and current term on loan/bank. It’s hard for us to give solid advice without details. I might not be able to offer any advice, but without all the details I definitely can’t

Ah ha that’s why it’s called mystery :smirk:… It’s 2015 BMW 328i, 99.3K miles, payoff $17k (4 years remaining on loan).

Have you checked what vroom carvana algo would pay for your car ?

Did you drive almost 20k miles per year?

One word “Bolt”

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Yes, I have. They offer a little less.