Deal Check/Advise: Used 2020 BMW X4 m40i 4000 miles

Just received this offer on a used 2020 BMW X4 m40i with 4021 miles on it in Ca. Is this a good deal? If not, what am I looking at?

MSRP: $69520
Offer: $61688
Best cap offer is $41,888
Rebates: Loyalty for current BMW owner $1000, lease credit $2000
Acquisition: $925
Residual: Based on 10k miles per year is 56%
Money factor: Based on approved credit is .00099 36 Months
$3888 Due at signing
10k miles per year
$618 plus tax

This screams of Creviers out of the box numbers. I’d be willing to bet you can do better. $4k DAS equates to $726/mo + tax.

Given the current market, Shoot for 600/1.5K and if you have to settle, do so for no more than 600/2.5K

A southern CA dealer is telling me the residual value for a 2019 BMW X3 m40i is approx 30%, which seems really off to me… Can someone give some insights?

Prolly accurate :joy:

BMW FS no longer supports/incentivizes leases on 2019s, so any lease support out there is going to be poor and 20/21 is going to lease our for less.

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So in 3 years from now, it’s a 5-year old car? Regardless of when it was in service or built, it’ll be a 2019 in 2023/2024. 30% Sounds about right then… maybe even lower

Makes sense. Thanks all!!

What’s the context of this question?

You didn’t give term details. The RV of any vehicle will be low enough with enough months and/or miles.

What do you all think? This lease offer for a 2020 BMW X4 m40i with 28 miles. They didn’t add the money factor to the numbers. A residual of 55% seems low to me??..

MSRP (Sticker Price)
Dealer Discount
Manufacturer Rebate
BMW Bonus
Term 36 months
Annual Mileage 10,000
Residual Value (55%)

  • First Payment
  • Lease Acquisition Fee
  • Capitalized Cost Reduction
  • Estimated Registration & Fees
  • Sales Tax (9.5%)$478

The RV is set by the bank, not the dealer so there’s nothing they can do there. Discount doesn’t seem as high as it can get for a 2020 but most new 2021s seem to be hovering at or around 10% so it’s probably not too far off. What is Base rate MF for an X4 m40 based on your research?

RV of 55% is definitely in line, as mentioned this is set by the bank.

Base MF is .00082, plugging these numbers into the calculator it looks like the MF is marked up slightly to .00102. Adjusted to base MF the true discount is around 8% pre-incentive.

LH Calculator - 2021 X4 M40i

And whatever you do, get rid of the $1,019 cap cost reduction.

Adjusting the calculator to base MF, 10% pre-incentive discount, and removing the $1,019 down payment brings you to $725/mo. with $3k DAS. That is your counter offer.

Did you confirm rv/mf/incentives with Edmunds?

Please keep all of your X4 posts in the same thread

I’ve seen money factor at .00089

You need to verify what mf currently is and what mf the dealer is charging you. Neither of those are .00089 currently.