Deal Check: 23’ A4 45 S line Premium

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So your actual pre-incentive sale price is $44,444. That equates to 4.3% off MSRP. If I were in your shoes, I would walk away from this deal/dealer.


Agreed. I want to see if they can rework the numbers, but a big thank you to everyone; I’ll update the thread on Monday

There is no point in wasting your time with this dealer. I specifically asked if you qualified for any incentives and you stated you did not. If you had checked with the folks on the Edmunds Forum, you would have been made aware of the $1k lease cash @Harry657ha was kind enough to point out.

This dealer was not initially transparent. Why even bother going back to them to rework numbers? At the end of the day, it’s your money.

Good luck with your search.


Where are you seeing that?

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@AutoCompanion just posted a4’s at 10% off check that out.

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My deal, on a car that I have expressed explicit interest, which will be revised to reflect just inceptions totaling around $3900-4200. Therefore. It is pretty much the same as what is being offered on a car that I have no particular interest in…add the broker fee of $599-699 on there and I might as well take the a4 deal on the table.

Either I pay almost $4800 down on a car i don’t want or do the same with a “shady dealer” on a car I do want at the same exact monthly. In my experience no dealer is a saint so I rather buck up and negotiate as opposed to running over to another dealer bc this one didn’t play nice. If the numbers don’t make sense I refuse to take the deal. I knew there was a discrepancy when I posted the deal which is why I noted it at the top on my original post.

Yeah they reached out. I’ll follow up with them in the morning

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Add nj tax

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Except it’s not.

That broker’s spreadsheet shows a 2023 A4 with an MSRP of $44K at $497/mo w/ $2500 DAS. Total cost is $20K.

Your deal is $22K (and that’s assuming you get the low end of DAS) for a car w/ an MSRP that is ~$46.5K.

The specific deal in the link is indeed on a car you don’t want (Q5). But the DAS still isn’t close to what you’re paying. And the MSRP is $48K.

And no need to deal w/ a shady dealer.

If you don’t want to work w/ the brokers here, that’s fine. But the broker deals are not the same as what you have (possibly) been offered. ::shrug::


Shrug all you want pal; here’s the updated calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

I understand the Q5 is 2k more in MSRP and I have no problem with brokers, in fact I’ve used them in the past. But in this instance it doesn’t make sense for to me use a dealer bc I don’t want a Q5, and the amount DAS is pretty much the same. If this dealer doesn’t come up with a better deal I will reach out to other dealers.

Thanks to everyone’s valuable input my number is $500/mo with $3900 DAS and that’s what I will shop.

this is the brokers numbers right?

Yeah it’s the brokers on an A4 40 premium; the car I’ve been quoted is an A4 45 S-line premium

maybe i did something wrong? Programs%20as%20of%201%2F21%2F2023%3A Residual%2061%25%20(Exp%3A%202023-01-31). MF%200.00225%20(Exp%3A%202023-01-31). Taxed%20Rebates%3A -%20Customer%20Credit%20-%20%241%2C000 &tax_method=total_lease&tax_rate=6.625&term=36&vehicle=428274&zip=07011

Sure, and you can waste all the time you want, pal.

People here are just trying to help. You want to cop an attitude, then good luck to you in your search. I hope you find what you want.


Nope, that’s spot on!

Back in 2021, I was working with my local dealer on a lease deal for an A6. I was leasing an A4 at the time, and I was planning to use the Audi pull ahead program to get into the A6. Long story short, my local dealer claimed I did not qualify for the pull ahead program - I had 3 months left on my lease so I did qualify, per the program’s guidelines. They flat out lied to me. They were also not transparent when it came down to the deal.

I decided to take my business elsewhere and worked with the GM at another dealership that was 1 hour away from me. All negotiations were done over email and a couple of phone calls. They were honest and gave me the best deal on the car I wanted. I only walked into the dealership to turn in my old lease and pick up my new A6.

As consumers, we have the power to pick and choose what dealer or salesperson we work with. I don’t know about you, but I have worked too hard to just give my money away to any business / person who thinks they can be deceiving or disrespectful to me.

My $0.02.


Here’s a broker offering 10% MSRP + $1k rebate on a '23 A4 45. You can thank me later.

Updated calculator:


Congrats and enjoy your new Audi. Did you get Audicare?

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Unfortunately, no Audi Care. I don’t expect it to be driven too much outside of whatever errands my daughter may run on a day to day, so I figured it didn’t make sense.

On a separate note, it was the same dealership I had received the initial quote from that I signed with today.

I clearly communicated that I’m aware he made it a point not to give me a detailed breakdown of the taxes and fees and there’s an additional $1000 tucked away in there hoping I didn’t recognize it.

He then came back with $555/mo with $3850 (apparently a gesture of goodwill?); I refused and explicitly said that I will not purchase unless the car is discounted at least 10% and pricing is accurate as far as taxes and fees.

Then his manager contacted me yesterday and tried to “negotiate” but somehow managed to get pissed off in the process (yes, I was nice) and hung up on me…then the salesperson called and offered me the deal I had initially requested this morning.

What a crazy week lol

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