Deal Check: 23’ A4 45 S line Premium

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Let me know your thoughts!

MSRP: $46465
Sale price: $43444 (6.5% off)
MF: .00225
Residual: 61%

DAS: $4850

Acq. $895, Dealer: $799, Reg: $400

There’s some slight discrepancy in DAS, but this brings my monthly payment to $539/mo.

Check how this deal compare to what audi brokers in the marketplace are offering.

Just about the same; and quick update, I was just offered $530

Have you confirmed from the Edmunds Forum that you are getting base MF? Is the RV for 10k miles? What does the due at signing include? Do you qualify for any incentives?

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Check the marketplace for your region. I guarantee you could find a better deal through a broker here.

That “deal” is not particularly good. Almost $5k down on a lease, and it’s still $539 a month? Awful.


It’s $30/mo over what the brokers are offering with similar amounts due at signing

Are you set on a A4 or there is flexibility?

Numbers are solid; what’s included in DAS is 1st month, acq, tax, reg, and dealer, but it’s should be around $4000 not $4850

It’s between the Audi and and wrangler. My family is very picky with their cars. Smh but I’m open to suggestions

I have the Wrangler Sahara 4xe at $580/mo with $4000 DAS. Which is also comparable to what’s being offered by brokers

62k MSRP

Doubt any knowledgeable people here are going to tell you either one is a good deal

Seems like you’ve made up your mind tho


They’re not good deals, but that’s reality atm and unfortunately for me no one in my household wants to drive a Frontier…lol

I’ve never paid $4k at signing for anything I’ve leased; and that’s pretty much what the brokers are offering atm. it’s a matter of if I should pay an additional fee for the broker for the same deal

@Coach_P - Care to address the above questions?

I don’t qualify for any incentives and the MF is accurate.

A few reasons why this deal is meh:

  1. Discount off MSRP is average.
  2. No lease cash or incentives.
  3. Although the MF is not the highest I have seen on Audis, it is still up there.

A broker is advertising a '23 Q5 at 10% off MSRP. Check it out.


It’s pretty much the same deal I have; dealer came down to $530/mo. So, the broker’s deal is $3900 due at signing and $532/mo and the A4 is at $530/mo with $4850 DAS.

I know there’s a $1000 difference in the amount due at signing. I’m going to negotiate that down to $4000 if I were to move forward

For audi on the a4 isn’t their like a 1k credit going around if you lease a new a4?

“Audi of America, Inc. will pay a $1,000 customer credit when you purchase a new, unused 2023 A4 through participating dealers from January 4, 2023 to January 31, 2023. Excludes S4 models. Customer credit applied toward MSRP and is not available for cash. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico. See your local Audi dealer or, for general product information, call 1-800-FOR-AUDI. © 2023 Audi of America, Inc.”

Yeah so they apparently factored it in…I just got off the phone. They admitted to having a grand over inceptions. Apologized and agreed to follow up on Monday.

have you taken a look at the audi dealer in paramus?