Deal Check 2024 BMW X5 40i

$82,265 2024 X5 40i for $3,500 down at $1335 per month.
11233 zip
36 months
12k miles

good deal or? Brother would like to be around $1250 per month.

Does your brother have loyalty? (BMW in the household now)

Makes a pretty big different here.

no unfortunately, sorry.

Without loyalty (and honestly, even with it) his $1,250 target is not realistic with an X5 with that many options.

I can get him to $1,287 with $3,500 due but you’ll need to ship it to NY.

You will be paying 52K to use the car for 3 years. You can probably buy a 2021 CPO for less money.

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On what planet is an X5 a $1,250 car?

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Unfortunately it’s planet Earth I must say.

Your bro might be better served by finding a leftover 2023 demo…

@IAC_Scott do those even exist?


If they’re charging these prices, someone must be paying. OP, I implore for your brother to look into the XC90. It drives lazily, but is way more comfortable and it will come for $650/month with the same terms. However, if X5 is still the goal then I haven’t seen a 2024 new X5 40i at the price your brother wants to be at.

There are people paying way more than 1350/mo for a loaded X5, remember, normal people walk in and pay sticker or close to it. I’ve seen people pay sticker on an iX, but you need to remember, those people are what make our deals possible. There would be no crazy deals to be had if some people weren’t paying full pop.


It’s not just this. This is a pretty loaded X5 too, so people need to remember that. We’re not talking a sub-$70,000 car anymore.

This is the unicorn trying to find.

I’ve checked global imports and they are all out, no go there.

2023 demo would fit in line.

I wanted another bimmer so badly but it’s hard to find an really good deal right now. Was looking at some X5s as well and I could not ignore the fact that an 80k car would cost me more to lease than a 120K Audi right now

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I am big Bimmer fan too but thinking towards Audi. Looking for around1k car a month that relatively fast(under 4.5) seconds. Maybe s6, sq8

I am a X5 fan but the Q7 seems to lease much better right now.

I mean we’re comparing a 2024 BMW to 2023 Audi. Put a 4 at the end of the Audi and I bet won’t lease the same; will be similar.

S6 or SQ8 for <$1000/mo? No chance with no money down.

Who cares, it’s a lease. Even though I don’t care for Q7’s exterior I would take a 2023 Q8 or Q7 55 for 7xx/ month on any day of the week. The regular engine X5 is not a 1300/month car but it’s your money at the end of the day so go for it.


I know I would do 5 DAS