Deal Check 2024 BMW X5 40i

DAS is different from cash down. Here we’re talking five digit cash down to reduce capital cost, even with your $5k down plus first month and reg you have no chance.

Q8 breaks downs too easily

That’s what the warranty is for.

I had a Q8 for a week. It doesn’t matter what motor you stuff on to that chassis, it’s not remotely a sports car.

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Looks about right based on the numbers ive been seeing for a highly equipped X5. Im currently in my second X5 lease ending soon but doesnt look likely that i will get a 3rd X5 since the MF is so much higher along with the $3K+ increase in price of the base vehicle. The loyalty is pretty weak too. I like the X5 but i cant justify paying over $1K for that car

Agree. Sq8 is fast enogh but it will not be in my price range even with 6k DAS. Electric is also option for me. I am flexible. Just want to have relatively fast car under 1k a month with like 5-6DAS and it has to be decent size either sedan or suv. What you say best option now with Loyalty from BMW, College grad and Costco?

I would say bmw i4 and Audi Etron GT for starters.

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Yeah I just drove the Q8 and man that thing felt like a tank. That pedal response is weak, even on sport mode. Handling was so so. And this was a prestige mehhhh