Deal check 2023 nissan frontier

First time leasing. Is this a good deal? Thank you

Are you looking for a deal on a pickup, or are you looking specifically at the Frontier? The Frontier had some really awesome 18 month lease deals with like 99% residual last year, but I don’t think they’re leasing too well right now. Just for reference, this is what was available just last year - I got 99 problems and a Frontier ain’t one. (A new year’s guide to a transitory lease in a car you probably don’t want). But you can’t get this now anywhere so don’t even ask.

Tacos lease extremely well because of their high residual - 🛻 SEPT TOYOTA All states! DEALERS NATIONWIDE! Deals below invoice! Tacos $265 TUNDRA from $359 $7k off!High xle 5k of - #7301 by Jrouleau426

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Tacos are also leasing well because it’s a 7 year old design getting replaced in a couple months.

OP, that’s not a good deal for a frontier. Look at my post history for the deal I got (less than 340pm effective), and see the deals other people got who beat me by 2k.

If you need a truck NOW get a Tundra. Broker deals should be easily transferable if you decide you want the new Tacoma