Deal Check: 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Summit Reserve


Good afternoon, its my first lease ever. Is this a horrible deal?
LEASE: 48/12
RV 52% ($41012)
MSRP: 78870
MF: .00400
2% off MSRP (77,293)

I think 24 months is sweet spot and 10%+ should still be obtainable.

Have you signed?

You could have done a lot better. Marked up money factor that’s driving a big payment. And other deals are closer to 8-10% discount vs 2%. And a term that takes you past the end of the warranty.

Lesson learned if already signed come here first next time and if you haven’t signed don’t.

How much $$ due at signing?

Yes - you can much more off MSRP. Payment is high for that particular vehicle.

Does it matter? The deals sucks.

OP - use the search. Even the MY22 examples will give a fair idea of where you should be.

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This looks like a standard rate Ally lease so they can show a higher incentive stack with the IDL cash. Don’t let the big incentives sway you, they’re just playing a shell game. They’re making that extra incentive money back in rent charge and then some.

10% off discount may be possible, if you find the right dealer across the country, but it’s far from the norm. We saw a handful of 8-10% off deals pop up on the 22s right before lease support was pulled, but they’re oddities. 6-8% is probably a much more realistic goal.

Either way, this deal is crap. Wait until tomorrow, price out a deal with the new programs using CCAP and then pursue that with a different dealer.

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Just the first months payment
Doc fee $399
Dealer fee of $399

The dealership told me i could end my lease at 36 months with no penalties. I haven’t signed yet. It might a but lower if I take brake pad and oil changing packages they wanted to add without giving its price. They’re ordering from an out of state dealer. They’re having me sign on Friday.

Thank goodness you haven’t signed. Don’t.


Multiple red flags here.

Please restart your shopping with another dealer – but ONLY when you have a much better understanding.

Otherwise you’re going to get hosed.


Yes, terrible deal. The MF is almost double what you should get in July. You came to the right to place to get educated on leasing. Use the tools to get ahead in your negotiations.

This is where you tell the dealer to F off.

The 4xe already has the first 3 oil changes covered from the factory. The fact that they’re trying to charge for it as well should tell you everything you could possibly need to know about the dealer.

Oh, and with regenerative braking, the brake pads hardly ever need changed. They should be ashamed for trying to upsell a brakepad and oil change package on a 4xe lease.


Username checks out. Stealership tried to take them for ride.


Lol I initially read the OP as a ‘brake package’ meaning for rotors too, but it’s just pads? :flushed:

Not like the rotors get much use either

I know, but they typically cost a hell of a lot more than pads


You need to know how to calculate and pitch your own reasonable lease deal or walk…

I paid $1000 yesterday because they vehicle was going to be transferred from a dealership in IL. Does anyone know if payments like that are refundable

It was part of the first payment and fees is what I was told.