Deal Check : 2023 eTron GT

It appears that repairs will be accessible prior to September 15th. This is a short-term recall. So, it is fine apparently to make the sale.

interesting, where did you hear that?

What other car are you going for then?

I’m leaning towards choosing Giulia. They have a 23’ loaner available for $40k with 4k miles on it. Not sure if I can negotiate further.

I heard from the manager directly. He said he will fix the issues before sept 15th.

Interested! DM You

You’re letting the car you really wanted go because of 750 bucks on a 100k car? You sure your credit just didn’t bump you into the next mf tier and the 750 was just to keep your payment the same?

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Audi dealer confirmed that there is not even a timeline in place yet for testing, much less a plan to fix. Not sure why this dealer would say it’ll be fixed by 9/15. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be a fast resolution and these '23s might sit until the '24s start hitting the floor in Oct/Nov.

That’s how mine looks now.

Repair not yet available.

Doesn’t look like any testing procedures have been reported. Anything new communicated to owners?

Is this deal still available? I’d do it

Nothing. I’m only aware of the recall on my car because I saw it in the myAudi app, and I only went there to check after reading about the stop sale on LH.

Found this by searching about the Audi innovator discount. Could any dealers or brokers comment on whether it is still available for October on either the RS etron GT or the etron GT? And if so, does the dealer lose any money off the car when they give the 10% discount or is it “free” money in the eyes of the dealer like the customer credit from Audi?

I reached out my dealer to inquire about the innovator program, the 7.5K is still active, and for Oct. they upped the rebate from 17.5k to 20k for the RS.

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Do you know if the innovator program is still active?

I am also curious what you all have experienced when a dealer applies the innovator program discount. Some dealers say it is a requirement of the program not to discount more than 10% of MSRP, others have done 10% (not allowing Costco to stack) and then taken additional money off MSRP.

Yup, appears like it’s still been extended till 10/31. Ran into the same issue, one dealer would do all except the Costco 5k, another would do all rebates but not combine with the innovator 10%…

Same here. Innovator caps use of 5k Costco and 2k penfed. If you can find a good dealer discount not using innovator can you stack Costco and penfed?

I think it is just a clause of the innovator discount that it cannot be combined with other “non-Audi” discounts like Costco or Penfed.

I might have been unclear, but my issue is not with dealers following the rules on what can and cannot be combined with Costco. My issue is getting different answers on if the innovator discount can be combined with “dealer cash,” i.e. a discount of say 3-5% off MSRP plus the 10% off MSRP of the innovator program.

Yeah, I’m in FL and haven’t found a single Audi dealer in the state that would go above 10% discount off MSRP.