Deal Check : 2023 eTron GT

Is this a good deal?

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How does it compare to the other deals you’ve seen posted? Including marketplace?

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It appears to be acceptable from my perspective, but I’d appreciate clarification on whether there’s room for additional negotiation.

That’s pretty good.

The best I got was 10% MSRP + $20000. They said the 10% discount wouldn’t stack with Costco. How were you able to get the $25000?

My break down was
$125000 audi incentives
$7500 EV lease

why is that doc fee $1k+ and what is non tax fees breakdown?

overall healthy discount get MF too from dealer or edmunds to plug in the deal in LH calc

It seems that the document fees is from Florida, while the non-Tax fees encompass acquisition fees and DMV fees. Additionally, they’ve increased the money factor (MF) to 0.00350.

These are the final numbers.

I’m not sure. He might pull back, but these are number I got.

What MF are they using? It appears to be marked up. Same with audi care but that’s immaterial. Otherwise discount is strong. Consider MSDs as well since you likely won’t be transferring an audi lease.

Bc to get to your 10% discount they were likely using influencer which doesn’t stack with Costco (same with vip). Others are getting a straight up 10% discount so Costco is in play.

Yeah. They told me that they’re getting an influencer discount. I don’t know why I can’t just get a 10% discount with the 25k been more enticed to lease if they gave me what OP got.

Did you get a quote with base MF or markedup MF?

I don’t know what the base MF is. The MF they gave me was .00035

.0035 is likely 40 bps added (max). Base MF is .0031.

Might be able to get 40 bps deducted from MF by getting ceramic (talk to the finance person about it).

What do you mean by ceramic? Is it like ceramic coating?

yes. basically, see if any programs are good for you as well as the dealership who wants to get the car back in good shape at the end of the lease. maybe can ask for ceramic coating at half price if it reduces MF. also, can do 7.5k mi/yr instead of 10k to get another 1% bump in RV. overall, deal looks pretty good.

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You are getting 10% off MSRP + $25k in rebates. You could try pushing for 12% off pre-rebates + base MF.

Looks pretty good. I think you can do a little better if you want to get aggressive. I am paying 1050 with no money down on a 120K GT with last months incentives. I’d insist on base MF and another percent or 2. Maybe difficult in the beginning of the month and in your market but worth a shot.

@Samaudibh @DonnyAudi

Can either $5k Costco or $2k Penfed stack with 10% innovator discount?

Nope . You are better off at 6% off plus
Costco and PenFed

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