Deal Check: 2022 VW Taos SE

I got a quote for a black 2022 VW Taos SE 4motion w/sunroof.
0DAS for thier 0 sign and drive event.
519mo 7500miles per year for 4yrs.

Is this a good deal, or has anyone seen better?

Current pricing I am doing on this vehicle is WAY under this, call or text me at 310-405-3507


~$25,000 to lease a car that you could have bought for…?


I totally get your point. It would probably be around 36k with tax etc. I was just under the impression its not a buyers market due to the chip shortage and wanted to see if this was as good as it gets right now.

Here in Colorado Tiguan’s are much more readily available, I’d shop those as well.

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So for $11k more you could own it forever. That’s a no brainer.

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Do you need a Taos? Taps are very similarly priced to tiguans and tiguans are better values. I have no idea what the VW strategy with Taos was, but they are too expensive for what they are. 36k for a sub-compact crossover with that engine is too much. Even in a COVID world.

Have you considered other vehicles?


I am normally not a fan of bigger is better, but pricing on Taos (at least MSRP) is kind of insulting, so I’d also be looking at the Tiguan…

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Pretty sure OP could buy a loaded Kona or Seltos for less.

A Kona N goes for about 35k if I recall. Wayyyyy more car and cooler to drive.

Taos is trash. I get that VW just made what people will buy and apparently people will pay anything for it.


The Kona has a better warranty and knowing how much complicated my dads Jetta wagen was (couldn’t even do the cabin air filter), long term costs may be lower and maintenance cheaper.

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The N might be overkill for someone looking for a Taos or similar car. But a better-equipped non-N version at a lower price might be a better fit.

The 4MOTION version in particular has an atrocious 7-speed DSG transmission that stumbles when accelerating from a standstill. Watched a Savagegeese review on the Taos and their depiction of the lag was hilarious.


Which is done A LOT here in Cali, metered access to freeways. Bummer.

It’s just very clearly not their best effort. Only thing worse is the trailblazer and ford Ecosport.

I may be biased because I’m close to closing a deal here but most of these “hater” comments seem very unfounded. I’m a huge car guy with high standards, and was super impressed with the Taos. My wife and I shopped a ton of cars in the segment and we easily picked the Taos over the competition. We absolutely love how it drives and handles, the seats beat anything else we’ve sat in, it’s very spacious for the overall size, etc… The DCT comments were not experienced at all in test drives, I think they may have existed at one point but have been updated. The transmission feels alive and responsive. The gas pedal is overly sensitive but anyone that can drive a car will learn the feel in a day. Too many people read a review or watched a youtube video and blew all of that out of proportion.

Just wanted to lend another point of view, obviously we’re all entitled to our opinions. I do agree Tiguans are “better values” but that’s not what the wife wants. She also hates how the Kona feels and looks, which I agree with. As far as the Seltos aside from the lower quality feel, no Kia dealer will sell us anything remotely near MSRP here in NY either…

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Good to hear another POV. I also don’t agree that the Tiguan represents better value. It’s bigger but so what. No one looking for a Taos was looking for something bigger anyway. And it’s more expensive similarly equipped… or less equipped at the same price. So the value proposition is questionable.

But the question remains as to what else in the Taos segment represents better value (and I’m sure it can’t be hard to find a Seltos at or below MSRP if a Telluride can be found at sticker in the tristate area).

My problem w/ the Taos is that the car is much shorter than a Tiguan but it’s wider. In some ways, that makes sense (it’s common to have 2 people in any size car), but, for those of us willing to get a shorter car b/c it usually also means a narrower car, the proportions of the Taos don’t really make much sense. The person from the other thread who needed a car < 71 in wide isn’t going to be getting a Taos.

Also not quite understanding how the Tiguan is either more expensive w/ the same equipment or lesser equipped at the same price. Yes, the base Taos S is a few thousand cheaper than is a Tiguan S, but the Taos is also missing BSM, rear cross traffic monitoring, front assist (which is standard in a Tiguan S). That’s pretty inexcusable, IMHO.

Don’t understand why VW decided these two models were necessary but decided a Cayman Bergspyder was stupid when they’re all the rage right now.

Wow you’re getting robbed. I thought I was getting a bad deal…$403 a month for 48 months on a $33,269 msrp, with taxes and fees upfront.