Deal Check: 2022 Nissan Sentra SV

Working on this deal:

Seems solid to me. Hopefully, this is the real deal. Can I do better?

Surprised the dealer is offering 14% off MSRP on that! Are these just targets or do you have something in writing? Also, note that NMAC programs change 1/4/23.

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I dunno about in Ohio, but feel like you could get equal effective payment on an Altima 18-mo lease, maybe even higher trim.

Great discount but the RV isn’t as insanely high as an Altima 18-mo. This could make more sense as a purchase, perhaps? Still a decent deal though.


Programs change tomorrow but seems like the Altima is a way better value

Not a signed deal yet. They offered me the selling price you see.

Yeah, maybe. I did talk to them about an Altima as another option. Keeping that on the table as well.

Right! Altima is also an option. Just need a car for my 18 year old daughter to build some credit in the short term.

You’re planning on cosigning correct? An 18yo alone will usually not be able to qualify for T1 credit.

How about a frontier? Obviously the mpg would not be as good, but it (might?) be a safer vehicle?

For a new driver, this raises the potential of a rollover incident considerably.


Baring this months numbers…You’re prob better targeting a base Altima SR without premium.

Not sure what the numbers will be today, but the Altima SR at 18 months had a residual of 89%


yes, of course I will co-sign.

Good thinking!

Yea. I mean not trying to be negative, but a less experienced driver doing an evasive maneuver with a higher riding pickup, just feels like a potential danger. :frowning:

Sadly takes a lot of near misses in the early times to understand a vehicle’s limits and a higher riding vehicle just offers no room for error for someone not well versed with these things. Even experienced drivers like us face more risk as sometimes evasive maneuvers cannot be avoided due to the… let’s say poor driving by others out there.

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