Deal Check: 2022 Nissan Frontier S | MSRP $34,857 | 24mo Balloon $3000/$354

2022 Nissan Frontier S
MSRP $34,875
Tax $2,337 (NJ upfront)
License/Registration $60
Documentation Fee $395
Sale Price $37,667

Financing using a Penfed Payment Saver Loan
RV: 81% RV for 24mo
APR: 2.99% .
DAS: $3000
Payment: $354/mo

You can do a little bit better payment wise on a low mileage lease, but this is less restrictive to move later. and doesnt give the dealer a chance to markup the MF.

Anybody know of a Nissan dealer willing to take VPP on a Frontier? With no discount and no incentives this seems to fall just a bit short…


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Is it a balloon with or without a walk-away option at the end?

PenFed doesn’t let you walk away, it’s not like Ford

Other credit unions do.

From PenFed

Then, at the end of the loan, you will owe the remaining balance of the loan itself.

I was quoted $332/mo with $3000 DAS on a 24mo 10K mile a year lease, including NJ tax. I can’t seem to get this to work out properly in the calculator. The RV is even higher, at 91%, but the MF is up to (at least) .00230. I did not inquire about MSDs but perhaps I should. Even Rodo has a competive option;


As mentioned, the Penfed program does require a final payment.

It looks like this could work out even better on a Pro-4x.

2022 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 PRO-4X Auto
MSRP $40,195.00
Tax $2,411 (NJ upfront)
License/Registration $220
Documentation Fee $584
Sale Price $43,410.70

Financing using a Penfed Payment Saver Loan
RV: 85% RV for 24mo due to favorable MSRP discrepency.
APR: 2.99% .
DAS: $3000
Payment: $347/mo

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Relying on a Nissan actually being 85% of new in 2 years seems awfully risky for a program without guaranteed buy back.


This is not a lease, and we should not apply lease reasoning. It is good ol’ financing with baloon payment at maturity, and residual is rather misnomer.

Knowing that baloon payments are forbidden for mortgages, one might think that’s often doesn’t work well for consumer.

Nissan non-with standing, Frontier has held value pretty well historically. In 2 years the buyout on the S is around $28K and the Pro-4X would be $34K. Those are both very favorable numbers, if you compare to current wholesale values, for equivalent 2019 models. Granted market is slightly inflated right now.

If you prefer to consider as lease the deal on the S is actually a lower payment and DAS.

I would hope it’s cheaper than a lease… you aren’t paying to offload the risk of getting stuck with the bag.

Stupid question here but when I’m logged into Penfed and choose this product it says :

“Trucks, Vans, Crossover Vehicles, Smart cars and SUVs are not eligible as Payment Saver Loan vehicle types.”

Is this truck even eligible?

It says no EVs but they financed my Tesla.

I was told if you can find the vehicle in the system they will usually finance it.

That is good to know. Thanks !

Looks pretty sweet, but those wheels have got to go.

Spoke with a few more dealers today and nobody would go below MSRP.

I was also told the VPP program was suspended.

So, no rebates, incentives or discounts. Ugh.


It’s a brand new model, in this market, after almost 20 years. Does this surprise you at all?

Pretty sure according to edmunds the 24/10 residual on Frontier S is 91% and MF is something like .00230. But yeah, no discounts.

Base rate MF for Oct on 2022 Frontier Pro-4X and SV is .00213(I’d assume it is the same for S), not a great MF. But the RV are very high, 24/10 for a Pro-4X is 89%. Not sure what the S RV is? To be honest they don’t lease bad with the current RV, but if you want out half way through the lease I don’t see the truck having any equity. I would prefer a lower RV and better MF, to get the same payment.

I was working a deal on a Pro-4x, had a discount of msrp negociated. Come to find out at the end of two days of back and forth, they wanted to add $2995 in dealer add-ons. I gave up, inventory is so low and truck is so new, a legimate discount of anything isn’t happening. It was impossible to get a deal done and Nissan dealers are a pain in the as*.

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