Deal Check:2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Summit 39m/10k

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Dealership is in NY but car will be registered in PA

Here’s the deal I was offered:

2022 Jeep 4xe Summit
$78,490 MSRP
10k miles

7500 Tax Credit of Cap Cost
3000 for loyalty
4,221 Deaker Discount

Cap Cost final: 63769
Due at Signing: $4541 (including all tax and fees + first month)
Monthly: $729


Almost $33,000 to lease a GC seems excessive

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That’s effectively $826/month for a Summit 4xe. Shoot for 10% off MSRP especially if dealers still have a lot of 4xe. There should also be incentivized rates for the JGC 4xe. Find out what they are charging you for the rv and mf.

Also your DAS, due at signing is too high. If you get into a car accident on the 2nd day you lose the DAS.

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Thank you for your input!

The dealer originally wanted 765m with the 4.5k. That 729 is factoring in all the rebates and intensives plus back and forth negotiations. They only have 2 cars on the lot, and other dealers near my area aren’t able to touch those monthly prices

10% isn’t a realistic target, especially without affiliate. Programs have gotten so crazy they don’t need to discount them that much. There’s no longer panic either about rebates going away 12/31 either. Invoice minus holdback is more attainable for the average consumer (5-6%).

Just bc we offer 10% on some, doesn’t mean its a realistic target. Usually we only have a handful we’re allowed to discount at that number.


Sounds like a decent deal. Broker can give 10% but shipping costs, fee, etc should be factored in. Not to knock on them, they provide valuable service but this does not look bad. If its black on black and do not move on it, I can pick it up.

Also, should compare residual and mf. Is this through CCAP or a Credit Union?

Do you know if the 2022 Cherokee 4Xe Summit at the link below would be able to get more than 6% discount? Apparently it has been on the lot for a long time. It still has the old pricing for MSRP on the Window Sticker.

I think it’s a very solid deal considering the 79k MSRP.