Deal check: 2021 X3 M40i in MD

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Received this quote recently. I’m new to the game but have been reading a lot the last couple weeks. I am looking for clarity on the line items “Cap Fees”, “Cap Taxes” and how they relate to Gross Cap Cost in addition to if this is even a favorable deal. I’ve seen others post deals for this ride with monthly’s in the 6s and even 5s…are those realistic?

10.25% pre rebates w base MF is a very respectable deal

777/month for a 36/12 w no rebates outside of lease cash

The math works -

Taxes oof

As @mllcb42 would say what were your goals when you went into the offer? And, would further realistic negotiation get you to your target?

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Yea this deal looks good.

As mentioned the awful MD taxes are what really makes this higher than other X3’s deals you may have seen, but you’re also doing only first month payment up front, no MSD’s, and 12k miles. So it’s apples to oranges.

Most of the deals you see advertised from brokers will be without tax, 10k miles, full MSD’s, and all fees and first month DAS.

If I plug this exact same deal into the calculator and remove the tax and make those tweaks, I get roughly $580/mo + $2400 DAS + $4200 MSD’s.

You know I can’t really say what my goals were other than psychologically having a monthly in the 6s for this. To be fair this dealer clarified that offer rolled doc fees, reg, acq etc into the cap. So paying those up front knocked it down to 740/mo.

This will actually be registered in DC, where it appears taxes of 10.25% are assessed on the monthly payment. I assume the dealer knew this when making this worksheet, but I really don’t know. Perhaps I should confirm.

As it is I need to maintain as much liquidity as possible for a business acquisition next year, so while I’m not against paying some money DAS, I’d much rather avoid MSDs.

Totally understood

This is a good deal for this car based on the rebates you qualify for, mileage, and taxes.

If you want it, try and push to 11%, but it’s not going to change the numbers drastically ($10/month or so)

Looking at the sheet it appears they have $3408 in up front taxes rolled into your cap cost, and zero taxes on the monthly. So I would definitely call the dealer back and have them re-run your quote with taxes corrected, it should improve.

I live in DC. Taxes are steep at 10.0% on the monthly but WAY better than MD. Have them re-do it with the correct taxes - I get around 745/month including DC tax with my rough math.

10.25 now actually!

Sales and use tax rate for leased vehicles rose Oct. 1 in DC | WANADA.

Interesting! Well either DC or MBFS is missing out on an additional $1.16 because I’ve yet to see my monthly change to the new tax rate. Wonder how this impacts my leasehackr score :smiley:

I think we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that meaningless “M” badge on the trunk lid elevates this car above what it actually is.

It’s just a basic 6-cylinder compact SUV, it’s not an “M” anything.

Anyone wanting to spend this much on a basic 6-cylinder compact SUV is cray cray IMO


Thanks for the replies everyone. This unit won’t fit my desires for monthly at this point in my life. I’ll be going for a base 30i.

Can anyone walk me through pros/cons of canberra vs cognac? No kids and no pets will be in the car.

Looks much better IMO. Even Drake agrees




  • Canberra is beige
  • Cognac is cognac


  • Canberra is beige
  • Cognac is cognac

Haha personal preference. Noted.


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Phytonic on cognac would look damn good. It’s optioned convenience with park assist.

Phyto on beige has premium and park assist. It has the “stuff”.

Even that is a terrible value.

Best value on this car is the X3M. OP you only live once.

Gonna need to pull a lot more teeth to get into any kind of true M. Even at that it would be a sedan no question.

Maybe at the end of this upcoming lease.