Deal Check 2021 VW Atlas SE w/Tech

Does this look ok? I’ve gotten them down a lot from where we started but still not sure it’s all there. I know the VW isn’t the best lease but it’s the car the wife wants… :slight_smile:

Located in SoCal 92831

Missing is the milage on the price sheet. Should be 39/15 (I keep asking 36 and he keeps quoting 39…)

MSRP is $42,864

TBH you’re not gonna get much feedback on a low-res photo that requires pinching and zooming on a phone

Write out the relevant details.

The easier you make it for someone to help you, the likelier it is that someone will

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What was your target going in based on the current lease programs and researched comp deals?

If you keep asking for 36 and he keeps giving 39, why haven’t you told him to pound sand yet?

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How does this compare to the spreadsheet that a VW dealer has in the marketplace?

Have you reached out to @rubbergash since he is in your state and seen what he can do?

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@max_g sorry I was looking at it on a computer, new to the forum thing.

Anyways the deal is jacked up sales person misquoted me so I took @mllcb42’s advice and told him to beat it.

Not sure why VW sales people have been so difficult, doesn’t seem like they want to sale cars. They go MIA and misquote constantly. None of them want to talk price they all want to talk about my payment needs and about my trade.

I keep telling them it doesn’t matter if the price isn’t there.

Latest offer from new dealer car is missing the panoramic sunroof which I guess is not a deal killer but would be nice, on the plus side MSRP is lower:

MSRP: $41,130
Sales Price: $36,130
Cap Cost Adjustment: $699 (Confirming but I believe this is the VW Acquisition Fee)
Net Sales Price: $36,729


54% Residual
.00133 Money Factor

Drive Offs $1,135.84

Payment $488.50 including taxes

Lease Hackr score 7.4

Sales person explained 36/15 is 56% residual, and the extra 3 months should work in my favor since 39/15 is 54% residual. Lease Hackr score went from 7.2 to 7.4 So is that actually better or just a wash?

@ApexHunt I did call Rubbergash and reviewed his spread sheet yesterday, but he doesn’t have the trim I am looking for. Comaprativley the Atlas he does have shows
$5,336 off MSRP. I am at $5,000 even, not sure all models discount the same and I am a few trim levels up from the car he has listed.

In general it’s been hard to find the spec my wife wants because she is hell bent on captains chairs and black on black in color. Another dealer is discounting same trim without the captains chairs by $5,800 so an additional $800 off seems like a lot to me, they just don’t have one in stock at the moment with captains chairs.

Don’t forget to add in the extra expense of paying for a full year’s registration to drive those last 3 months.

Are you open to any other makes and models?

Thanks, I didn’t think about that.

I am but wife isn’t haha. We’ve been in a Honda Pilot since 2015 we’re on our second one and she wanted a change.

This is the most competitive segment in automotive. There are a myriad of options to consider beyond those two.

I agree, her interest peaked do to an MDX commercial and but once we test drove it she said it felt smaller than the Pilot so she would stick with the Pilot over the MDX. She refuses to look at Hyundai or Kia… Doesn’t like the Highlander, and everytime we’ve driven an American SUV she balks they feel to heavy. haha. She then asked for a Q7 which when I showed her the price she got why I was a hard no. So then we ended up test driving the Atlas and now here we are.

Wife wants what she wants, it’s the only part of the deal I really have little say in.

Xc90 should be added to your list

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The Palisade is superior to the Atlas in pretty much every way. I would encourage here to get over the badge thing. VW are terrible quality. The interior especially feels really cheap.

I have to disagree, the palisade materials are no different. Other big thing to mention is roominess, the Atlas has far more room in it, in case that is something to consider.

A Volvo is way nicer and the same price or less for a much better equipped model than a mid-trim Atlas.

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We have apparently looked at different Palisades.

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Or maybe different Atlases…

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Thanks for everyone’s help. While I would love the Volvo XC90 starting MSRP $49,645 comparative to the Atlas $38,295 for SE Tech (First Trim with Leatherette to compare to Volvo’s Vinyl) and since this all started because my wife wants captains chairs Volvo’s starting MSRP is $58,095 for Captains Chairs.

I don’t think the Volvo is worth the extra $17,000 over the $41,130 MSRP I settled on.

I agree the Palisade is a nice car, but my wife is can’t get over the badge piece and my personal opinion I don’t think the exterior looks as good as others in it’s class. Interior is great, but honestly with a 4 year old, and a 2 week old the interior of a car I plan to turn in after 3 years.

I did push for the Telluride, but after speaking to a few dealers in my area they are currently asking $3,000 to $4,500 over MSRP do to demand. So figured not a smart lease.

I came on here to ask if the lease proposed to me was decent, and instead got a bunch of opinion on other cars to look into. Trust me I looked, but in the end the wife was stuck on the VW. Personally I think it’s a good looking car, and yes the interior isn’t plush luxury, she is comping from a Pilot which isn’t exactly a Bentley. Overall it’s a nice car that fits my needs.

Final numbers on my lease 36m/15k:
MSRP $41,130
Sales Price $37,130
Residual 56%
MF .00133
Acquisition Fee $699
Drive Offs $1,146
Payment $462.85 before taxes 7.75%

Definitely not my best lease, but I’m ok with it. Another big plus on this one was dealer covered the $1,500 I was short on my Honda Lease Payoff vs their value of my car. I was only short because there was an accident reported on the car with front and rear damage. Every dealer I talked to had me $1,500 to $1,700 short with 6 payments left on my lease.

Hardest part of this whole process was sales people not responsive which is new to me. Brokers on LH telling me they had better offers, but when I would review them they were $800 to $1,000 less in discount and always pushing higher trim.

PS. If anyone is coming across this thread thinking about an Atlas in Socal. Here you go: Atlas Basecamp would of gotten it but the wife says it looks stupid.

MSRP $50,839
Smileage Discount -$15,511
Smileage Price* $35,328

Why are you worried about the msrp when the lease price isn’t significantly different?