Deal Check: 2021 Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great holiday so far.

I’ve been staring at this deal for a good minute, but something just seems off with all these fees in between “Adjusted Price” and “Balance”. I checked the MF and RV per Edmunds, and discounts includes Costco and Teacher affinity. I would really appreciate any and all feedback!

ZIP: 91745
Lease 36/12,000
MSRP: 43,035.00
Adjusted Price: 38,630
MF: 0.00045
RV: 57%
0 down: $564; 2k down: $501; 3k down: $472 - tax included

The fees are to be expected. The offer is horrible.


Yeah, I would take fees like that at a Florida dealership in a millisecond.

Any pointers on how I go about getting them to make a better offer? I asked them if they can make $500 with zero DAS I would take it immediately. Dealership said they just don’t have the 2,300 around… Thanks for input, really appreciate it.

If you get Teacher that means they sell the car at invoice. Drop the Teacher and ask for 10-12% off before incentives, I guess. Looks like also there is no Volvo cash on XC40, so you may get a better deal on an XC60

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First step is working out what your target deal is. You need to work out where you’re trying to get before you ever talk to the dealer.

Once you have those numbers, rusnak and culver city are your best options locally for getting there.

First question is what did Edmunds give you for rv/mf/incentives? How much in lease cash/Volvo allowance is currently available?

According to the dealership its the Costco deal that requires the dealership to be $700 below invoice. The teacher affinity is another $500 off. And yeah, my girlfriend made the mistake of telling the salesman that she loves the car - shes really set on the XC40.

Edmunds gave 57% and . 00045 with no incentives available. Also don’t see any lease cash/allowance listed on the website. I will look at Rusnak and Culver to see what’s there.

No, it is not.

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Interesting… a little confused as well, Costco website says 1,250 bonus and volvo offers $500 for teachers. Not sure why they only gave us $700 off invoice as the Costco deal…

Because they offered a minimal dealer discount. If you take their offer and back out the incentives, you can see how that compares against previous deals

The teacher rebate requires them to be above invoice (5% off is what it requires whereas invoice is 6%). This dealer is willing to commit fraud and lie so not worth dealing with them.

He’s at around 6%, which is invoice with advertisement fee.

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I’m confused, Volvo website shows $500 lease but shows 5% off MSRP on fine print… or am I totally missing something.

Which violates the terms of the Teacher pricing. It requires 5% off and no more.

Teacher pricing is 5% off (negotiation-free pricing) plus the $500 Affinity Lease Bonus rebate. It is the same thing as PenFed or USAA

Here is the a-plan pricing, to make your life easier. Teacher = a-plan discount. Calculate % off base MSRP


That’s not accurate. Fine print for teacher says “Volvo Affinity Pricing is negotiation free and is 5% off total MSRP (discount not taken off Destination Charge)”.

A-Plan is 6% per the screenshot you just posted, so A-Plan is not equal to teacher discount.

The difference is advertising fee. It is spelled out in a-plan for 6% and is not spelled out in Teacher for 5%. Add ~$500 to a-plan and you get 5%.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback. The dealer was unwilling to adjust anything. Waiting for Rusnak and Culver City to respond per Matt’s suggestion. Back to square one!

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Regardless, the dealer is offering 6% off pre incentives here, which violates the Teacher pricing. Scummy, dishonest dealer defrauding the manufacturer.