Deal Check: 2021 Volvo V60 Polestar Engineered 24 Month Lease


I qualify for A-Plan pricing from Volvo, and with the $5,250 federal tax credit, $1,000 loyalty, & $750 A-Plan Bonus, leasing is very attractive on this unit:

2021 Volvo V60 Polestar Engineered
-MSRP $68,940
-Selling price $64,863
-24 Month Residual 69% $47,569 (65% 30 month, and 61% 36 month)
-10,000 miles/year
-MF 0.00148
-Dealer fee ($100), first month’s, and governmental taxes due at signing
-10x MSDs $6,000 fully refundable - new MF 0.00098
-7% sales tax on monthly payment

$615/month bringing Leasehackr score to 9.6. Dealer quoted $591/month, somehow.

Thoughts? I wish the MF were a bit lower, and will be pushing to make sure that is AT buy rate.

A-plan locks you in a pretty low discount. You’re probably better off ditching the a-plan and trying to negotiate further.

It’s probably not easy to get a good discount on Polestar engineered. There are only few of them I think, so invoice with a-plan cash might be a good discount.


Is there an elite bonus on the polestar?

I don’t know what a Volvo “elite bonus” is, actually. Can someone else answer this?

A-plan on P* is probably as good as it gets. MF at buy rate would be great. If your state has extra rebate it’s even better.

Earlier this year I couldn’t find a dealer willing to take A-plan on a Polestar V60. Good luck, it’s a rare car!

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A-plan generally offers invoice pricing plus an “a-plan elite bonus” amount that is vehicle dependent. You can find out how much, if any, from the a-plan site where you generate your a-plan code.

I think you need to ask yourself, is all this technology and 22 miles of pure electric range worth over 6 bills a month? I say no, too many nice cars out there for less, gas is cheap, this is LH.

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Yep, it’s there. $750

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It looks like they aren’t applying it to this deal

Didn’t even look at the calculator :slightly_smiling_face:

How much are they charging for dealer fee?

If you’re going to use a-plan, at least hold them to including the elite bonus and the $100 max dealer fee.

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I already drive an S60 T8 R-Design.

It’s more than you mentioned; suspension, drivetrain tuning, improved brakes, and sound system are the big upgrades.

Also, it is splitting hairs, but I get 25-28 miles electric range (in the temperate weather we’ve had).

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Thank you! This is what I’ll mention tomorrow

You are right, there is no $750 a-plan bonus there

I’ll take that into advisement!

They added the 2020 v60 Polestar! Not that there were 0 available to sell when they did because

Same. It was not eligible as recently as September 2020.

From talking to dealers in May I think it was eligible then, but they just wouldn’t take it as they could easily sell it at sticker.

Dealer wants to charge $599 for dealer fee… Will receive their first proposal in response to my offer tomorrow morning, and will check back with y’all.