Deal Check 2021 Mercedes Benz GLE 53 AMG

Hey everyone, I am trying to custom order a 2021 GLE 53 AMG to lease/finance for my father. I am located in NC and this is my first time working with Mercedes and I am unsure how much discount off MSRP I should ask for. I just got 9% off MSRP before incentives with my 2021 BMW X5 after contacting all dealerships in the state. I took the same approach with all the Mercedes dealerships and the max I could get was 6% off MSRP and they said they will honor any incentives/rebates if it rolls around the delivery date of late March. Is it true that Mercedes don’t discount like other dealerships (BMW, Audi) cause I constantly get around 9-11% off from them. Or is it because it’s a custom order and AMG model which they say is “rare and sells quickly”. Should I just take the 6% off which is their invoice price and move on? Any advice on your Mercedes buying experience would be appreciated. Also, I am located in NC. Thank you!

@AutoCompanion what do you think about this one?

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GLE is just limited inventory so 8-10% for the time being is the maximum discount I will expect to see.

BMW in general also has better programs.


6% on a custom ordered GLE53 without having to travel (far) or ship it seems very competitive, assuming it’s at base MF.

I currently have a 2021 GLE 350 on order which is set to arrive soon. As far as discounts, the GLE is in high demand and inventory is low (which is why I had to order mine). I am currently at 11.8 right now after incentives for a 350. The 53 is more rare and inventory is much less than the 350 models, and the 53 model I believe just came out not too long ago whereas the current 350 model has been out since round summer of 2019. It is possible you may be able to squeeze another percent or so.

Pre-Rona, you could get 10% off a Benz easy and get close to 15% after some negotiating (that is what I did on my E class). In this market you will be lucky if you can get 10%. Try shopping around out of state ad see what brokers are advertising.

Try to see if you can squeeze another percent or so and also consider doing MSDs if they allow to get the MF lower because Mercedes has a high MF right now. Otherwise, 6% is a pretty solid discount in this market on that model.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I think I am going to take this deal cause other dealerships are not even offering discounts lol. Congrats on your GLE coming soon! What was your experience custom ordering it? How long did it take? Did they run credit first and take your deposit and just wait? Did you also ask for them to honor incentives coming in close to delivery date if they had one? I’m scared that they will change something like MF or interest rate right when the car is delivered lol.

Unless OEM support magically increases between now and delivery, I’m guessing this is going to be one ugly lease.

What do the numbers look like using December RV and MF?

Haven’t decided whether to lease or finance yet but I’m talking to the dealer again tomorrow

You should know what the numbers look like for December before you talk to the dealer

I will thank you all I’ll keep posting updates soon but I’m glad there is one dealership near me that is willing to go against “we only sell AMG models at sticker” crap

My experience was pretty good. It was the first time I’ve done a custom order. I picked/compared the options i wanted beforehand via and went in and told them exactly what I wanted. Dealerships usually require a deposit to secure the car/place the order but I didn’t need to do it since I’ve gotten many cars from my guy in the past (other dealerships wanted anything from 1K to 2.5K). They did not run any credit or anything nor discuss pricing until recently when the December programs came out because the car was originally expected to arrive on the 15th but it got delayed a bit. Also I didn’t discuss the incentives. I don’t think Mercedes has any currently except for a fleet/association discount (mine is through the American Bar Association, it’s 500 for the GLE).

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I would suggest shopping out of state. NC dealers are not known for good deals. I’m guessing they have a high dealer fee as well.

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My local MB dealer has 7 AMG GLE 53 right now, 5 on the lot and 2 in transit. I suspect you will do much better negotiating a in-stock unit, unless some must have feature is driving you to order. If you drop me a PM I can hook you up with my lead.

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I’m exploring all the options but does anyone know if there are leasing incentives available for the 2021 GLE 53 AMG? I can’t find it anywhere and edmunds are slow updating stuff. I know there is a 2.79% financing incentive for 60 months and fleet incentives but I was wondering if I am missing anything like conquest, grad etc (I think they no longer offer these).

What did Edmunds tell you for incentives when you were verifying rv/mf/incentives?

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Edmunds didnt give me any incentives available I guess they didnt update it or something which is weird

Missed you said they were slow to update. Did you ask on the forum or did you just look on their website?

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there aren’t any lease incentives though.

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I got the RV, MF and confirmed with Edmunds that no lease incentives but financing incentive of 2.79% 60 months is available. Should I still lease it instead of finance? I didn’t put any fleet incentives cause idk if I qualify with just an offer letter from a company since Ill be working there next year but its only 500$ so its meh. Here is my calculator:

Is there a financing incentive or are you saying that the 2.79% interest rate is the incentive?

That is the incentive/offer for financing because without this it would be 4% I believe