Deal Check: 2021 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 10k/36

Trying to find out if this is a good deal…I put the numbers in the calculator as best as I could to make monthly payment and DAS the correct amount since I don’t have a detailed quote in hand yet. This is for 10k miles for 36 months.

MSRP $45215
selling price $42434
dmv/registration fees $147.5 (I’m transferring plates from current vehicle)
dealer fees and acq fee $1102.82 (don’t have these fees detailed yet so just putting total for now)
taxes $1614.18 (nyc 8.875%)
gross cap cost $45298.50
rebate $1110 ($750 loyalty plus $360 lease incentive)
$468 DAS
Adjusted cap cost $40,688.5
MF 0.00001 at 10k/36 months with 60% Residual

Leasehackr Score : 8.8 years

Monthly Payment $468

What do you guys think?

It’s not a bad deal considering the current market conditions.

Make some offers based on calculating 8-9% off and see who comes closest.

NY doc fees are capped at like $75, so what’s the rest? GAP?

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t get a detailed quote yet showing all items. I did see that $75 doc fee you mentioned. When I got the quote, the $75 doc fee and taxes are there, but when the gross cap cost is calculated, there is about $1027 missing so i put them as fees above and added the $75. I’m not sure exactly but imagined it was for acq fee and not really sure what else. I guess I’ll ask about it tomorrow.

Update: I see that if I have $650 acq fee, then there is $377 left to make up the missing $1027 from the total calculated gross cap cost. Do you think they add the first payment there? Is that how that’s supposed to be? It seems that way to me, not sure if correct though. Will confirm tomorrow.

Thank you

An effective $474/mo is ok, I think you can find a bigger discount off MSRP if you have time. Why put $3500 DAS on this???

Ok thanks…i thought that in NY, fees and taxes are paid upfront. I guess I can put less money down now that I know that’s not the case. I’m still negotiating and still learning I guess.

The bank pays the taxes to the state up front, but you can capitalize the amount into the lease.

Ok, thank you for the information.

I spoke again with them today and now with $468 DAS, I’m getting $468/month. What do you think about that price? Thanks.

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What pre-incentive discount is that? How does it compare to other deals you’ve seen here recently?

Well I see deals here recently for around 8-10% more or less, but that seems to be including the incentives. For me, I’m getting about 6.15 before incentives and 8.6 after incentives. I contacted like 3 people here and got somewhat a little higher quotes (and even higher after including the broker’s fee) and for some, no response at all.

The deal is same numbers as original post just putting a lot less down this time and I guess fees are now calculated correctly and deal became a little less money than previously.

I don’t think there is much more off the bone here, seems solid.

Agree with above. If you need it now, and it needs to be this car, in this environment, take the deal. You are likely at the point of diminishing returns. You can spend many hours over many days to maybe squeeze a few bucks per month. Not worth it.

True. I do need the car so I’ll go ahead with this deal. Thank you all for the replies.

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