Deal Check: 2021 M3 Competition

Looking for another set of eyes on this deal. I’m trying to negotiate selling price down $1-2k below MSRP and/or find a way to lower the money factor.

1st visit: MSRP + $10k upcharge (“market adjustment”)
2nd visit: MSRP + $7.5k upcharge (dealer said the $2500 off was for “military discount”)

MSRP: $82,480
Selling price: $82,480
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Down Payment: $0
Drive-off: $3,238.29
7.5k miles / 36 months: $1,271
10k miles / 36 months: $1,294

MF: .00123
Residual: $47,013.60 (7.5k miles)

I asked for an email but they just called and gave me the numbers over the phone. Apologies for the limited info.

I’m thinking this is a “gotta pay to play” scenario since it’s a brand new model of a new performance vehicle; just hoping for some insight – or if I just need someone to tell me to wait for the heat to die down on these cars -_-

Thank you in advance.

Ask and ye shall receive!

Given that you’re shopping for an M3, I will make the assumption you don’t need the car ASAP, thus I’d say hold off or even see if you can extend out your current lease. But I don’t have all the details, so may there’s more to it.

Edit: you may also want to reach out to the SoCal dealers and brokers on here, but unsure if M3 is discounted much right now.


Here’s a data point to compare against


wait until next year and you can lease this car for $8xx-9xx range. It’s ludicrous to spend $13xx for an m3.

Reply to the wrong person. @m3_socal


There it is: $208/mo plus rent and tax

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Is this in stock car or order? Either way a bad deal. But with lack of inventory and delays in production and getting cars over here , will be difficult right now to get a good deal.

They’re marking up the money factor, base is .00093

Check with brokers on here first. I know allocations have dried up with many people on waiting lists.

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in stock – i’m trying to get them to lower MF but they’re holding firm; may just have to let it sit longer or wait it out as others have suggested

A broker on here (east coast I believe) was able to offer 5% off. Probably about as good as you can do at the moment. With the lower residual Bmw has now I think it going to be very difficult to get it in the $8-$900 range. The sub 900 deals someone mentioned was for the f80 m3 when the residual was 61% for 36/10k. Might be a decent buy though.

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Comes down to how bad you want it right now. MY 22 starts up in July I think.

I went through broker and got 7% off but I’m still waiting for the car. It was before all the recent part shortages and other issues. Not sure when those deals will be back.


This is an effective $1400/mo for an $82k M3.

If you’ve already made it that far out on the ledge to even consider such nonsense then I don’t know what anyone can say here to even remotely try to talk you back.

But on the off chance you’re willing to wait and shop around, then I would quit trying to beat the dealer up over the MF or discount %, etc. Just put together a target deal around 4-5% off at base MF, offer the payment and DAS, and let the dealer figure out how to make the numbers work.


Excellent point here:

  • do NOT grind your dealer to death now, then eject, then try to restart in 6 months.
  • fish or cut bait with a realistic deal for the car you want in this very tight market

That is a payment for financing, you could match that payment with a loan from Navy Fed, … unlimited miles per year ;).

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Is this a buy here/pay here place near a military base, with American flags around the perimeter of the lot?


I agree…This deal is complete and utter nonsense for this car.


You’re gonna pay that much to not want to look at the front end of your car? :upside_down_face:


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