2021 M3 Competition lease

Hi Everyone,

I need help with M3 lease, here is what I got from the dealer:

money factor is .00133 the residual is 10K mile 57%, 12K mile 56%, 15K mile 54%. As to the trade in, we will try to get close to $52K so you can sell it here. In that case, we do not need to wait for the paid off document to delay the process. If you agreed upon the lease payment estimate, 12k down, 12K mile for 3 years your monthly payment is approximately $1000.

What other information I need?

I’m trying to put more down so I can lower my payment.


Selling price the most important indicator of dealer discount.

Incentives you’re using such as loyalty, PenFed, OL code, grad military

Only selling price and MF will vary. Residual is pre set.

MSRP IS $85200, and they are not going any less, even some brokers I contacted told me everyone selling the M3’s at MSRP now and they can’t do anything about it.

No military, loyalty,…etc, I’m not qualified for any.

12,000$ down… that’s a huge No

If you really want the car and want to overpay in the tens of thousands than get it. If you can afford to overpay and you want the car than get it.

If you can wait then I would suggest wait and keep looking

This is way too expensive for an M3. Check with brokers on here. They will you give you much better offers.

Yeah…one has to really really want one of these cars right now. But, $12k DAS and $1k/mo? Thats getting awful close to what USED TO BE M8 Comp money…


This is a horrible deal, especially considering the marked up MF it’s effectively $1900 over sticker, plus god only knows what other BS dealer stuff is in there.

Even considering putting $12k down let’s everyone know OP has no idea what they’re doing and is in way over their head.

OP, even if you just love the M3 and HAVE to have one now and don’t mind paying full sticker, please take a step back and at least find one at base MF with no dealer add-ons, and whatever you do don’t put $12k down.

By my rough math a base MF deal at sticker with no incentives would be around $1150/mo pre-tax with $3k drive offs.

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$12K down and $1,000 a month, its a bad deal. Its never a good idea to put that much money down on lease, since you will lose it all if you total it. If you want to put that much down, just finance the car.

If though these cars are mainly going for MSRP, you still should be able to do better on the monthly with less down.

For a data point my buddy custom ordered his M3, msrp $81K and was quoted $919/month ( I think its a 12K/year lease) with $6K due.

You’d save yourself at least $1500 by going to a broker that’ll do this at MSRP/buy rate.


I have a 2021 M3 competition I can do for 4% off MSRP plus base MF if your credit is tier 1.


Reach out to me via PM and send your phone number.


Why do you want to put $12k down?

To “lower his payment”


Thanks guys for all the help, I’m going to try to do something about the MF and negotiate the deal, I recently sold my truck at the same price I bought for 1 year ago, and I can’t stay without a car for long time, so I might have to take the MSRP price buy try with the MF.

If you put 48 k down, your payment will be 0 for 36 months.


This is essentially 10k cheaper than his current deal if he maxes out MSDs. And he only needs 10k up front, MSDs included.

A no brainer over his current deal.


Did you miss 3 posts up where a broker can get you one for 4% off?

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Bang! Here’s your M3 right here! Idk what OP is waiting for miles better deal than what he posted.

OP reached out to me, and my dealer, unfortunately, took a deposit for the car and it’s no longer available.

I had it posted in my sheet for the last 2 weeks but hardly got interest and now that it’s gone.

Bottomline is getting it lower than MSRP and at base MF is possible, just have to be a bit patient and look around.


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