Deal check - 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee high altitude

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In NJ doing a 36m/15k lease on 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee high altitude $0 das. All fees and taxes rolled in. Says 52% residual value

$54,380 msrp
-$4,341 dealer discount
-$3,960 mfg rebate
-$500.00 jeep bonus
-$1,000 PenFed true car code

$44,579.00 sell for $610.00 per month

Good deal?

Why would you spend $600+ on an obsolete dinosaur when so many modern cars are available?

And a 45,000 mile lease on such an unreliable product with a 36,000 mile warranty?


Not sure what’s so obsolete about it. It’s fully loaded with everything other than a birds eye cam. But I guess to answer the question I like how it drives and the dash. I considered and test drove so many different SUV’s; mercedes, volvo, mazda, etc. Got the wife a hyundai palisade but imo that’s a different type of ride.

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Love your response!!

Everything? It’s an almost 12 year old chrysler product.

Also the only car that I have seen multiples have parts falling out of the dash on the showroom floor. Good ol fca quality.


*stellantis quality :grin:

Good ol fca quality.

No, it’s a 2021 model. You may be referring to the body style which agreed it’s not as fresh as some of the others but that’s ok. I don’t stand there and stare at it; I have to drive it. As for the quality, we shall see. You get the bad and the good like everything else. Someone in the family has an 2018 $80,000+ Mercedes and has had nothing but problems. :grimacing:

I can tell you this much. A grand cherokee, brand new, was back at the dealer with an oil pump issue I believe? Probably not even 1k miles on it. It was a trailhawk. I do agree that these vehicles are not reliable and this SUV is most definitely outdated. The vehicle is getting a redesign in 2021 if I am not mistaken. When is it arriving to dealers though? idk.

There is at least one broker in your rough geographic area. They don’t have your trim listed, but you might want to run your deal by them to see if they can beat it. Not a lot of GC deals listed on the board.

You’re confused but you got the right spirit.

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The diatribe about why would you get x vehicle instead of x vehicle gets old. Not everyone wants a bmw or a Volvo but that’s always the answer. OP obviously likes the vehicle and don’t blame them. The grand Cherokee is a great looking suv. Instead of critiquing their choice of vehicle. Judge the deal.

At least it gets refreshed and updated materials versus the archaic tundra that’s getting close enough in age to be able to vote that people seem to fawn over.

I disagree with the negativity with fca vehicles regarding reliability. Granted they are all on older platforms but reliability hasn’t been an issue in my experience.

Now my GM vehicles and Nissans now that’s another story.

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Part of judging the deal is judging value for the dollar. There are some vehicles that don’t justify the price they lease for. There are also a lot of people that get hyperfocused on getting the best price on a specific car that they lose sight of what they’re getting for their dollar and never even consider anything else.

Further, questioning the choice to structure the deal so that it continues with the vehicle out of warranty, on a vehicle with attrocious quality control and reliability is a very valid judgement of the deal.

Now, I appreciate that get a bmw or get a Volvo isn’t always the right answer, but “make sure you value compare against the competition” certainly is reasonable.

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Fair enough but a car isn’t gonna completely fall apart at exactly 36,001 miles and you still have power train warranty to cover the big ticket items. I like a lease to not worry about any maintenance. I see issue with a GC going high mileage without ridiculous things happening. I’ve owned 4 since 08 and they have all gone 100k+ miles with only routine maintenance. It’s all conjecture everyone has different experience.

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If we’re going to go anecdotal, my parents’ had their Pacifica develop some really odd engine sensor problems develop about 1000 miles before the end of their 36k warranty that had it been just a little later, wouldn’t have been covered by the larger warranty. The dealer spent thousands trying to fix it.

The bigger question here is “why take the risk?” Part of the benefit of leasing is not having to worry about maintenance/repairs like that, so if one can choose to just erase the risk entirely by adjusting the lease term, why not?

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Inventory of LH truisms in this thread:

:heavy_check_mark: Grand Cherokee is ancient and you should get something else;
:x: Don’t put a down payment on a lease, because you’ll total the car, lose all of your money, and become gluten intolerant;
:heavy_check_mark: A car just out of warranty will cost you thousands of dollars;
:x: Anything with a CVT (especially from Nissanfiniti) is garbage.


Are you seriously wondering why $250 Tundras were/are more popular on LH than $600 JGCs?

And for all its age showing in aesthetic and UI/infotainment areas, the “archaic” Tundra never tested as poorly as the “refreshed” JGC in critical areas like safety. Nor was it as unreliable as the JGC.

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Never wondered why people went after $250 tundras. It’s a cheap full size truck. But it’s hypocritical to call the gc ancient and outdated and then praise the tundra. Look you can’t change peoples minds and I believe we’ve gone off topic enough but it is what it is. You choose to hate the grand Cherokee and I’ll choose to love it. It’s a never ending back and forth.

PS. Xbox > PS4. iOS>android

See it will go on and on. Have a good day. Don’t wanna distract from the topic at hand. More than welcome to take to pm.

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If it makes you feel better, I think the tundra is horrible too. Hell, it’s been around since Bush was president.

But the Nissan Frontier… now THAT takes the cake for old and busted.


I’ve always wondered why anyone would choose to drive around in an ugly plywood hauler from any manufacturer, absent some absolute work requirement like hauling goats to market.

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Yeah, but the OP’s subsequent responses make it sound as if they have actually tested the car like it, don’t care that it’s based on an old platform, etc.