Deal Check: 2021 BMW X5 xDrive 40i

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Hello Hackr’s,

Please check the deal below! Top tier credit.

Location: Dallas, TX

Vehicle: 2021 BMW X5 xDrive 40i
MSRP: $76,195
Sale Price: $70,000 (with incentives of lease and loyalty credits applied)
Dealer Add-on: $399 for Window Tint
Vehicle Selling Price: $70,399
Sales Tax (6.25%): $4,560.31
TTL: $354

BMW FS is saying they will do the following:

  • RV: 54%
  • MF (before MSDs): .00139 (Dealer is marking up 40 pts)
  • MF (after 7 MSDs): .00104
  • 36/12
  • $2000 cash down payment (I realize this is ill-advised)
  • Current Monthly Payment: $1173

I asked if we could move the deal to base MF, but they didn’t agree. They also expect a cash down payment of $2000 + applicable MSDs. We didn’t get far enough yet to discuss total DAS.

I’m trying to get this into $850-$900 range for monthly. Looks like I should walk if they don’t come down on the MF.

Thoughts? Here is my LeaseHackr Calculator.

Invoice deal plus rate. No bueno, I think.

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If they came down on rate, would this be good?

Rate is fully marked up, so there’s quite a ways to go. With such a low discount and a $2k CCR, there’s a big gap to close. I’d suggest you walk and hire @IAC… they’re the TX BMW experts :slight_smile: good luck!


Hey thanks.

OP, do you have a worksheet to send?


Like from the dealer: in written or printed form.

Rep won’t send it to me “because he doesn’t have access”.

Hah. That’s a funny one.


Are you dealing with Classic? Regardless i would go with IAC/Electric if i were in the market for a BMW in DFW area, their deals have been pretty good and at times they are also able to get tax credits (just depends on the vehicle etc)


Nonsense… no transparency and just :man_facepalming: Move on…


BMW of Dallas

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Ah okay, in my experience i never found them to really deal much, (think Highland Park). Try Grapevine (Sewell) if you chose not to go with Electric.

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Ok, the manager provided me the worksheet - attached.

Cool, thanks for the tip!

That’s a fugly deal. Plus, only the dealer marks up the MF.

Just for clarity, the dealer is doing the markup and pocketing the difference.


You know, I’ve seen this becoming more common nowadays. So far, every dealer that I have reached out in NorCal (Mercedes, Audi and BMW) will not give it to me.

Either they said the same thing or they just stop responding.

Maybe they know due to the low inventory situation, dealer feel they can play more games with the customers. I am not in hurry to get a car, but can’t wait till inventory back to normal and I can play the same game with them.

Honestly, this was less than 2% off and with the markup, it’s above MSRP. Please reach out to us to work on this with you. This is the second deal in a week from Dallas that was really bad. I can see where we would be in Texas, but I can guarantee you 9-10% off out of state and base MF, so it’s much easier to do that. This is for in-stock and for builds.


If you offer him 10 and base on a build, it’s stupid. You get exactly what you want and better pricing, just have to wait.

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