Deal check: 2020 Mercedes C43 amg sedan

Deal check: Mercedes C43 amg sedan 2020

Mrsp: $65,255 incl destination
Lease price: $60,840
Incentives: The lease price includes a Mercedes-Benz incentive of $1500, and an additional $500 (AMA membership) totalling a $2000 incentive from Mercedes-Benz. Additional dealer discount of $2382 = selling price $60,840.

Residual:$38,500.45 (59%)
MF: 0.00139
Monthly lease: $758.63
Due at signing: $4523.77
NJ 07601

The amount due at signing consists of $0.00 down payment, $758.63 first month’s payment, $895.00 lease acquisition fee, $329.50 license fee, $243.36 New Jersey luxury tax, $7.50 New Jersey tire tax, $395.00 vehicle prep fee and $1,894.78 upfront sales tax.

Hi all! I wanted to run these numbers by the experts. Let me know what you all think. Thank you
Below is the link to the calculator; I hope I am using it correctly


How does that ~3% pre-incentive discount compare to the other deals you found researching here? Do the RV/MF/incentives match up with what Edmunds gave you?


Seems like a really poor dealer discount


The 3% is not at all good as compared to the deals on LH. Yes I checked that on Edmunds

Dealer said they are welcome to an offer

Well there you go.

So counter with 10-12% off pre-incentives.

Heres a broker’s numbers for Benz. Use that as a framework for your deal, your c43 has a higher msrp than the broker’s.

Might as well get a M4CS if thats the best you can get on a 43.


You want to find a leftover 2019 they lease much better. You should be able to get to ~$580/mo with first month DAS. Another option is a lease takeover. Ultimately your best off buying and financing an off lease 2017. Beware some MB dealers in NJ…

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Thanks for the numbers, will try to negotiate accordingly.

insane money for a 6 cylinder vehicle making less than 400 HP

Anyone with experience of M340i x and C43amg? It seems the deals on the bmw are much better on LH

this thread may give you some insight

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A C43 with a stage 1 eurotune chip will do 460HP and 528TQ

Good luck getting to those numbers with a stage1 M340.

Here is a C43 calculator I worked with another member on.

The C43 looks more “special” is that worth an extra $150-200 month…perhaps

Yes but stock for stock M340 will be faster and a lot cheaper.
Plus some people won’t want to chip their leases. I know I wouldn’t. There’s been many stories of people chipping and engines blowing, then being denied warranty replacements.
Even at the same acceleration it’s still worth it for the price difference.
I just got a X4MC and would take a GLC63s over it if it was similar in price. But the price difference on similar MSRP is not even in the same ballpark.

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There is a pretty massive torque difference between the C43 and M340, even in stock form, but I will take your word on the comparison. Most C43 chips are piggyback style, they install into the vehicle using the factory connectors and a T harness, which can be removed easily before taking the vehicle into the dealer. I usually leave my harness installed, just removing the piggy back ECU, and never once has the dealer even commented on it, they are usually too busy trying to charge me $2500 for a brake job, but then again my engine hasn’t blown.

The GLC63 market is insane but that car is baller.

Not sure about C43 but on any new BMW even after you remove the piggy back tune or if flashed, flash back to stock, they can still tell that it had a tune installed. I’ve read stories of M5s blowing engines and BMW declining work and a new engine work costs over $50k. Some people that have a good relationship with their dealership did get the work approved under warranty.

just get a carbahn tune then (Steve Dinan’s new company), matches the factory warranty.

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Yea I don’t intend to chip my car… the only reason I prefer a c43 is because of its exhaust… I am not sure how the exhaust on the m340 is…
Now that you have mentioned I saw some deals on X3M on LH in the same ballpark at c43…infact better

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Look at some YouTube videos. M340 sounds great.
If you’re open to a SAV then X3M is a great option.
It’s faster than the C43 and the M340 and sounds great but it’s also firmer. Too firm for some. I love my X4MC though. My favorite vehicle I had in a while.