Deal Check:: 2020 Mercedes C300 4MATIC

Hey guys.

So Im signing my lease tomorrow and I couldnt get any closer to this deal anywhere so Im going for it.

These are the real numbers:
MSRP 50,120
Mileage : 13
Discount 15%
mf 0.00056
residual around 55%
(they said residual dropped from last month)
MSD $4500
Tax: NJ

0 Down Monthly: 522.45

Im bringing this from different state

How does it look?

Not much more you can do with no incentives. Assuming you checked the mf with Edmunds.

Apparently no loyalty or any incentive can be applied since there is 15% discount so this is it!

Just means the incentives are in your discount. Make sure you understand what’s in there before you sign.

I didnt request to break down the discount because the numbers were appealing. Most of the local dealers around me told me to pay around 3-4K down just for them to match this offer

I would never sign a deal I didn’t understand. In some instances it’s ok to shop payment but you need to understand the numbers first. For example what if the other dealer are not factoring in incentives you qualify for.


Got it. I understand your perspective. That makes sense to me and that’s another step forward into understanding the deal. Thank you so much!

Im picking up a car from VA from NJ and one of the documents they sent seems weird.

We agreed on 4200 MSD with 521.35 on sale price of 42,602 but what are those numbers?

Whats the balance due on delivery…?!

Balance due on delivery is just your final out the door price, for a lease this is essentially your total cap cost.

There’s nothing hidden about the fees, they are clearly laid out on the sheet. Your agreed upon sale price of $42,602 is most likely MSRP minus dealer discount and incentives. You then add in the fees and taxes listed on the sheet for your total cap cost of $45,053.

Nothing looks strange or out of the ordinary, unless I’m completely missing something here.

So you are in NJ?
The dealers fee(s) of $82.42 is way lower than you’d find in NJ, so that’s good. The reg fee of nearly $550 is very high, though. But, they’d have to refund you the overcharge when you get the registration.

The total balance is because this is not the lease agreement, just the sales contract (or purchase order, or whatever they want to call it). Your lease contract will be separate and is essentially the contract being used to pay off the balance on this sales contract.

Um, the doc fee is $695. These are extra doc-like fees. This is a fee-heavy deal.

This is a purchase order and it’s borderline irrelevant to your lease.

Where’s the lease sheet or contract?

You obviously aren’t in NJ or don’t understand that dealer doc fee in NJ is $299 and up normally. I’ve seen as high as $799.

He (@mattevan) was correcting this statement and he was right.

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Good luck actually getting a check for the overage from an out-of-state dealer afterwards. The OP might have to chase them for it.

Thank you for the clear explanation!!
I have better understanding now

@mattevan Monthly came out OK so Im not really concerned about however the fees are divided.Unless Im being naive…

@max_g I only took a picture of this document because it said “balance due on delivery”
Its my first time leasing

And thank you moderator for merging the two topics together for better insight

Born and raised in the Garden State! Sold Chrysler cars on Route 4 during college. Thanks for your feedback! Sorry you didn’t understand the contract and posted incorrect info.

What do you mean an overage? I thought I was only paying the MSD and first payment-for 36 months

Why didn’t you just ask your broker (I have a feeling it is a brokered deal)?

Isn’t that $695 the Acq Fee?? That’s what I took it as. Leaving only $82 dealer fee.